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What is Zygarde?

Zygarde is a name of an evolutionary pocket monster in the world of Pokemon, a very popular role-playing computer game from Nintendo Japan. Under the Pokedex list, Zygarde is “pokemon” or pocket monster number 718.  In terms of appearance, Zygarde is shaped like the letter “Z” and looks like a snake.  It has a green and black color combination with five pillars or spikes on its back.  Zygarde does not have arms and legs but has a tail just like a snake. For most Pokemon fans, Zygarde is an evolutionary serpent and ground dragon.

The character of Zygarde was first launched for the Pokemon X and Y version of this widely-popular computer game.  Published under Nintendo 3D and 3DS versions, Pokemon X and Y was released in various locations around the world in early 2013.  This version of the Pokemon game is said to be based on Norse mythology. Both X and Y versions still start of with the training mode for various pocket monsters or “pokemons”.  The main objective of players is to fight against Team Flare, a criminal group in the world of Pokemon.  Players are also allowed to challenge so-called league champions of the game. With these new versions of Pokemon video games, many new characters are introduced including the character of Zygarde. Zygarde’s character is considered to represent Order while other pokemons like Yveltal represents Destruction and Xerneas is for Life.

The release of Pokemon X and Y was a huge commercial and critical success.  In its first week of release, about 4 million copies of the games were already sold in many parts of the world.  Game critics have also raved about the modern advancements in Pokemon gameplay with polygonal 3D graphics and images.  The success of these new versions of the Pokemon video game is also attributed to the introduction of new pokemons and characters including that of Zygarde.

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