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What is YMail?

What is YMail?
YMail is an alternative email extension for yahoomail users. This was created in order to allow users to choose their preferred user names if it has already been taken up in the original yahoo.com extension. An example of a YMail account could be samplemail@ymail.com. YMail is a free email service from Yahoo! And all one has to do is sign up in order to get his own personal email address. As of November 2010, Yahoo mail services account for the second largest market share, with 273.1 million users.

The account for YMail can be made through the usual Yahoo Mail page. When logging in, a user will have to make sure to append the whole email address in the ‘Yahoo ID’ box, in this case samplemail@yahoo.com, and not just ‘samplemail’ which will not be recognized as a valid account.

Under Yahoo there are three mail extensions: yahoo.com, ymail.com and rocketmail.com. All three include the following features: unlimited mail storage, up to 25 MB in attachments, 100 filters for sorting out incoming emails, spam and virus protection, and an integrate chat on the email interface.

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  1. Ann says:

    I do NOT want a ymail account. How can I get rid of it???

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