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What is WVGA?

What is WVGA?
The graphics display resolution illustrates the dimensions of display; the height and the width of the computer monitor in pixels. There are order of heights and weights in a specific ratio which has been standardized to have specified size of resolution. And then, the dimensions were given acronyms for these resolutions to have a description and be used as basis for monitor display capacity. The idea is the greater or higher pixels in a display resolution, the smaller and more detailed the contents may appear to the monitor.

The Video Graphics Array is used between computers and monitors that use a 15-pin D ‘“ subminiature VGA connector plug and socket as an analog interface. Older versions of CRT’s used VGA.  VGA is mainly display hardware that was first introduced with the series IBM PC/2 computers in 1987.

The VGA connectors are classified to different types:

  1. The Standard VGA (VGA) ‘“ this type of VGA connectors come in different sizes also has different numbers of pins. The common numbers of pins are 15-pin connector and the 9-pin connector. The standard VGA connector is trapezoid in shape. Today, new technologies like DVI and HDMI exists. These new innovations make the VGA obsolete but even some newer models still continues to support VGA and is a standard for monitors and PC’s. Basically, the total maximum display resolution was 640×480 pixels.  And originally, VGA only supports 256 colors and was developed as a replacement technology for DVT methods. IBM developed this technology in 1987.
  2. Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA) ‘“ this just an improved version of the standard VGA. This type can support resolutions more than 640×480 and also even up to 16 million different colors. Computers nowadays have more powerful video cards that can handle this 16 million different colors and also have different resolutions such as:
  • 800×600 ‘“ this is the original resolution of Super VGA.
  • 800×480 ‘“ this resolution is labeled as Wide Video Graphics Array (WVGA). Although it is just the same 480-pixel height like VGA, WVGA is much wider than the Standard VGA. WVGA was used in LCD projectors. Later, WVGA was used in portable hand-held computers such as Laptops, Netbooks, etc. Today, WVGA is supported in almost all smart phones that can display 800×480 sized resolutions. Some of those phones that support WVGA are Nokia 770, N800, N810, and N900 models.
  • 854×480 ‘“ this resolution is labeled as Full Wide Video Graphic Array (FWVGA). This resolution is wider than the WVGA. Mobile phones supported this feature.
  • 1024×600 ‘“ This is resolution is called WSVGA. This is just a wider version of SVGA and could also be 1024×576 in size. The screen size basically ranges from 7 inches to 10 inches; and aspect ratio, approximately 5:3 or 15:9.
  1. Mini-VGA ‘“ this type of VGA connector is made just to meet a certain computer’s specific hardware requirement. These computers are mainly portable PC’s. This type connector is designed for portable computers that need to conserve weight and size.  Some computers that have built in Mini-VGA ports are the Apple computers such as:
  • eMac
  • iMac
  • iBooks
  • MacBooks
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