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What is WHM?

What is WHM?
WHM stands for Web Host Manager and serves as the control center for the cPanel and WHM package. It basically helps resellers and computer server administrators to manage hosting accounts on a particular web server. It is a web-based tool with an interface for controlling and monitoring a particular server. With the WHM interface, one can manage hosting accounts, reseller accounts, and domain accounts. It also allows administrators to restart services like Apache and SQL among others. WHM also permits installation of server modules and/or system applications along with setting up of backup files manually or automatically. One can also edit DNS and transfer accounts between two different servers under Web Host Manager.

The cPanel and WHM application package is a great tool for all administrators and even resellers. Not only is it easy to use but also it can perform tasks quickly and efficiently. cPanel is the part of the package that permits owners of a particular website to literally manager their own site, while Web Host Manager provides for the automation of several server management and configuration tasks. This makes it easy even for novice web administrators. The package also has a “Getting Started Wizard” to help novices to familiarize with the system. One doesn’t also have to worry in terms of software reliability since the cPanel and WHM software package is designed to monitor itself and automatically restarts a particular service if the system detects a failure. The package is also built using the latest technologies to keep servers secure. With virus detection and protection, rootkit detection, and other tools to protect the server, the cPanel and WHM package is shielded from possible attacks. Not to mention that software configurations are designed to be easy and quick. The software application can also be accessed using smartphones allowing total mobility for web server administrators.

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