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What is Sazon?

What is Sazon?
Sazon is a certain type of seasoned salt which is commonly available and found in the Mexican and Spanish markets. The common usage of the seasoning is utilized on fish, poultry and meats. However you could also find other artistic and creative meals where the seasoning is used to flavor stews and soups.

A popular brand of this seasoned salt is Goya Foods. There are typical ingredients used to create this spectacular seasoning. It has cilantro, garlic salt and achiote. There are other brands which contain MSG however therefore you have to be extra careful with the labels you choose. You have to be careful especially if you want something healthy and preservatives free. Make sure you avoid certain additives that could be very hazardous to your health.

The very common ingredients are some salt which uses reduced salt versions. The common herbs inclusive in the ingredient are tomato, garlic, peppers, parsley, oregano and coriander. The flavoring is actually a unique one and just a single foil packet could certainly do wonders to your meals. One packet is inclusive of the ingredients such as mono sodium glutamate, garlic, salt, coriander and other color boosters. The seasoning is remarkably used in Puerto Rico. The version is inclusive of dried cilantro, saffron, paprika, ground cumin, and salt and garlic powder.

Sazon seasoning is actually a great combination of Caribbean and Latino flavors which are quite specific to certain parts of the world. Nowadays, it is not just available in Mexican and Spanish markets. It is already a staple even in local supermarkets.

If you are passionate about Hispanic dishes and giving your meals an entirely exciting twist, all you have to do is put sazon in your meals. You could certainly boost your culinary expertise and enjoy foreign cuisines giving you the authentic Spanish or Mexican taste.

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