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What is No-shave November?

NO-shave November refers to a campaign in the US intended for cancer awareness. Its main premise is to encourage men to donate to charity instead of purchasing supplies for shaving for the entire month of November. Budget for razors and shaving cream are instead redirected as donations to the American Cancer Society to help the organization spread awareness about the dreaded disease called cancer. For the whole month of November, the campaign encourages men to grow their beards long and promote cancer awareness for every American’s health benefit.

The idea of not shaving for the whole month of November supposedly started off as simply a fun and crazy thing to do among college men. This fad of not shaving for a whole month eventually caught up with the masses and many people started to join in on the fun by celebrating No-shave November. In 2007, this particular activity eventually took a different meaning for the Hill family of Chicago. Back then, the father of the family succumbed to colon cancer leaving his wife and 8 kids in grief. With this sad experience, the eldest daughter named Rebecca realized that she could use the no-shave November fad as a publicity campaign to promote cancer awareness and raise money for cancer research. By 2009, the No-Shave November organization was born.

At present, No-shave November continues to encourage both men and women to abstain from shaving for the entire month of November and donate funds to the American Cancer Society. The Hill family have resorted to various means in order to support their cause and have setup online pages in various social media and networking sites to appeal to more people globally. Each member of the Hill family has a different task in the organization with the overall goal of letting people know more about health issues and cancer and at the same time raising money for medical research.

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