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What is MCF?

What is MCF?

‘MCF’ is the abbreviation for ‘multimedia container format.’  As its name suggests, this particular file is used to serve as some form of storage for multimedia files like images, audios, and videos.  Some media file formats are stored under the .AVI extension, and files under this format can be further enhanced through the .MCF extension.  With media container files, all the necessary components of a particular movie, for example, can be held in only one MCF file.  The audio and video components can be stored in the MCF file along with subtitles and other images.

The project that created MCF, or the multimedia container format, was started back in 2000 but was later abandoned in 2004.  Many of its features, though, were used later for another project called Matroska.  The main purpose for creating MCF was to improve on the existing features of the AVI multimedia format.  Although the initial version that was released in 2011 created some confusion in terms of handling MCF files, some early revisions were able to make the file compatible with various multimedia players.  After all, people would not want to encounter hassles when it comes to opening multimedia files.  In the case of MCF, there was no necessary downloading of other file extensions, and the features were planned to be complete to make the end-consumer experience pleasant and hassle-free.

The best thing about MCF is that it is able to store several large portions of video files along with various other elements including multiple subtitles, audio elements, and other file segments.  All of these are contained in a single, MCF file making it a great improvement over existing multimedia formats like the aging AVI format.  The MCF project was later abandoned, though, with some of its multimedia features used in the Matroska project.  The Matroska format is aimed at making a universal standard for multimedia files.

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