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What is KKK?

What is KKK?
KKK refers to the “Ku Klux Klan”, an organization in the US that advocated for extremism in terms of white supremacy and anti-immigration sentiments. This organization was founded back in 1865 which was the period after the Civil War in the US. It was during this reconstruction period that former Confederate soldiers, vigilante members, and other pro-White activists joined together to form a “klan” or group that aimed to curtail the increasing rights of immigrant slaves, who were black. Over the years, the KKK was known to be an extremist hate group which undermined existing political and social laws to spread its cause.

Back in 1860s, the Ku Klux Klan became famous and widespread in the Southern regions of the US. Other than their extremist advocacies, the “klan” also became famous for their rituals and costumes. In their meetings and ceremonies, members of the KKK wore white robes with masks and cone-shaped hats. It was said that this costume was intent on concealing the faces and lives behind it. Much of the membership is kept secret because of the controversial and even deadly activities of the organization. The KKK is even branded as a hate group since it advocates for white supremacy and allows for crimes to be committed towards blacks and other slaves. Over the years, the KKK’s activities and popularity fluctuated with the changing times. Because of the group’s engagement in terrorism and criminal activities, there were years and decades that much of the group was defeated by the government forces. But despite opposition from the government and the masses, hardcore members and fanatics of the Klan continue to spread their beliefs and advocacies. Members still engage in killing innocent people and raping young women just to spread their extremism views. Many also engage in drunkenness and lawlessness as a sign of disrespect to society. There are also those who believe that their organization is involved in protecting liberties and civil rights, but these are exclusively claimed by white members and sympathizers.

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