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What is FGR?

FGR refers to file from Fourth Ray Software’s Gift Registry system.  The “F” is for “Fourth Ray Software”, “G” for gift, “S” is for system.  FGR files are created whenever the corresponding software is installed in one’s computer. This is especially applicable for retail shops that avail of the gift registry software service from Fourth Ray Software. Gift registry services are typically offered for weddings, baptismal, house blessings, birthdays, and other occasions.  Through this service, customers of some retail shops will be able to easily browse through possible gift ideas for friends or family.  Whenever the service is used, FGR files may be created in the process.

FGR files typically contain details of the registry service availed by customers of a retail store or company. These files can only be managed using the appropriate system or program from Fourth Ray Software. This company is a provider of various software products that help various businesses with different tasks.  Aside from its gift registry software services, Fourth Ray Software also offers file management systems that helps locate files easily on the computer.  These software systems may also be used to handle and organize multimedia content. Fourth Ray Software also provides a web link checking service to ensure that the links on one’s website are functional and not broken.  Through FRSLinkCheck, various links will be automatically checked and verified for optimum functionality. There are also small programs that help in everyday small tasks like computer reboot and shutdown among many other services.

For people who encounter FGR files and do not know how to deal with them, it is best that experts are sought for advice. The file may be a legitimate file and not necessary a malware.  In case file infection is suspected though, one may need to have his/her computer checked by the experts in order to protect system files and other important files.

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