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What is exercise science?

Exercise Science is a bachelor’s degree program in college that is focused on health and exercise. This program is good for people who wish to study the health effects of exercise on the body. Earning a degree in exercise science can lead to careers related to wellness promotion, athletics supervision, exercise therapy, and personal training among many others. While a degree in Physical Education focuses on activity teaching and coaching techniques, Exercise Science digs much deeper in terms of muscular physiology, study of movement, and overall health and wellness.

Human anatomy and exercise physiology form the basics of getting a degree in Exercise Science. Before a person will be able to develop and implement an exercise program for example, he/she needs to know how muscles work to promote movement and activity. Through the study of muscles and the body’s overall reaction to physical exercise, students of Exercise Science will better understand the value of activity to promote strength, endurance, and overall health. It is also through exercise physiology that students with Exercise Science degrees can learn the concept of rehabilitation. This is especially applicable for cases wherein there are injuries resulting from exercise or physical exertion. Kinesiology or the study of movement is also a big part of the Exercise Science program. In the athletics department for example, precision of movement in terms of joint and muscle function is desired for better results.

A person with a degree in Exercise Science can become a qualified fitness trainer or athletics and/or conditioning coach or a rehabilitation specialist. The same degree can also be beneficial for people who wish to become wellness and health advocates. These professions involved a basic grasp of what happens to the body during physical exertion and when there are injuries and only an Exercise Science degree can provide the right kind of information for these jobs.

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