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What is DTM paint?

What is DTM paint?

DTM or “Direct to Metal” paint is a good choice of paint for various un-primed metal surfaces.  Whether the metal surface is for the interior or exterior, DTM paints are recommended for people who want to “do it themselves”.  Since DTM paints do not need a primer on the metal surface, it makes for a faster painting job.  This is why, many non-professionals use DTM paints for their metal painting needs.

Most DTM paints have an acrylic resin and are specially formulated for use directly to metal without the usual primer preparation. But for metal that is previously painted and with flaky surfaces, a person must still prepare it for painting with DTM paint.  It doesn’t literally mean that DTM paints put directly on any metal surface will make the paint job smooth and durable.  Although, one can definitely paint on any metal surface directly using DTM paints, surface preparation is still necessary for a smoother and more durable paint job.  In the case of previously painted metal surfaces, it may require some treatment with a solution involving water and bleach.  Other surfaces may also require scraping and sanding for a smoother finish. After the surface preparation, DTM paints can be applied smoothly and easily.

Since most DTM paints are based in acrylic, this type of paint is also durable and may last for a long time.  Most of these paints are also able to dry very quickly resulting to an easier and faster paint job.  Several varieties also have controlled odor for a pleasant painting experience.  This is especially beneficial to people who may be allergic to the smell of paint. But despite the very high quality of DTM paints, many people still prefer to use primers before the application of any metal paint, including DTM paints.  For these people, primers still provide more durability in terms of resistance to chemicals, extreme weather, and corrosion.  So even if DTM paints are formulated for use without primers, they may also be used after primer application to any metal surface.

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