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What is Cydia SHSH?

What is Cydia SHSH?

‘Cydia SHSH’ refers to a term used by iOS device users when referring to software personalization offered by the application Cydia. ‘SHSH’ or ‘SHSH blobs’ are technically some kind of digital signature that was developed by Apple for its iOS, and this special signature comes along as a standard for all Apple-made or compatible devices.  This signature basically allows the installation and updating of the iOS software on various iOS devices.  With the SHSH blob in place, most devices are configured to be able to install or update with the newest version.  This means all features that are previously loved on older iOS versions may not be available anymore after the update.  With this concern, many people have resorted to Cydia SSH in order to make personal changes to their software even with the older versions.

Cydia SSH basically works as a work-around for the SHSH blob restriction on Apple software.  People with Apple devices that run on iOS software like iPhones, iPads, and iPods, for example, may use the Cydia application in order to get the SSH blob or signature and have the freedom to use older versions of the iOS.  With standard SSH blobs, users are forced to update to the newer version of the operating system.  To get around this limitation, some software developers have created the Cydia application to allow iOS device users to continue using the software version they prefer.

With Cydia SSH, not only can a person use a preferred version of iOS, but he/she can also add so many more applications in any iOS-equipped device.  Users can add multiple gaming applications along with software for social networking and office-related functions.  There are also various options in terms of phone themes which allow users to change homepage backgrounds, wallpapers, icons, and tab colors.  Through Cydia SSH, iOS-device users can simply personalize their gadgets and have more freedom in terms of software and applications.

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