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What is CQ politics?

What is CQ politics?

“CQ politics” refers to the political publication called Congressional Quarterly.  This particular publication basically provides stories about what goes on inside the U.S. Congress.  Congress-related stories and features are available for subscription in both printed and online forms.

Congressional Quarterly is a trusted publication in terms of its stories about congressional news and information.  With its in-depth reporting of the so-called politics that goes on at the U.S. Congress, CQ, or Congressional Quarterly, is considered as a comprehensive publication of record.

Founded in 1945 by Nelson and Henrietta Poynter, CQ was aimed at providing comprehensive coverage and information of U.S. congressional news.  At the time, CQ had the biggest number of newsmen that covered different stories around Capitol Hill.  For the most part, the news covered by CQ was being used by various, local newspapers in the U.S.  CQ is also very popular since its readership includes most of the members of the House of Representatives, many government and educational institutions, and various media organizations.  And aside from its printed version, CQ.com also provided online customers with up-to-date and reliable information on various activities at the U.S. congressional level.  The best thing about CQ news reporting is that it was able to make U.S. congressional stories easy to grasp and understand.  Seemingly complicated storylines are given an in-depth analysis for CQ readers to have information that is complete and detailed.

CQ grew to become one of the biggest news publications in the U.S.  There was also a high demand for CQ news and information, so updates were actually given instead on a weekly rather than quarterly basis. Later on, CQ was also giving news updates on a daily basis because of the increasing demand for their unbiased and non-partisan congressional news reporting.  As of 2009, CQ became part of the Economist Group and was later combined with another newspaper called Roll Call to form the latest CQ Roll Call publication.

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