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What is CNF in IRCTC?

The IRCTC, or Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation, is a company that is involved with tourism, catering, and online ticketing services for the parent organization, Indian Railways, which is a state-owned enterprise that operates a huge network of railways across India.  ‘CNF,’ meanwhile, refers to a ‘confirmed’ status for passenger bookings that are made online.

Through the IRCTC Website, passengers can make reservations and bookings to purchasel the services of Indian Railways.  If a family is planning to go on a trip to another city, for example, they may make their reservations through the IRCTC Website. Using the Website involves a PNR number, or Passenger Name Records number.  This number is unique for every passenger and online purchaser.  This is what identifies one customer from the other.  In order to make sure that one has a confirmed, or CNF, status on his chosen trip or destination, he/she may do so by checking his/her own PNR status on the IRCTC Website.  If the status says, ‘CNF,’ it simply means that a person is ensured of his/her seat and is allowed to travel on the chosen date.  Otherwise, other status indicators will be displayed in the PNR inquiry search result.

Aside from CNF, the PNR status may yield a CAN/MOD result.  ‘CAN/MOD’ is short for ‘canceled’ or ‘modified,’ and it literally means that the ticket purchased is either canceled or modified with a different schedule, destination, or train.  Another status is called ‘RAC,’ or ‘Reserved Against Cancellation.’  This status simply means that a person can only secure a seat on the train once somebody else has canceled his/her train ticket.  This status is similar to a passenger waiting list wherein one’s chances of getting on the train are dependent on the ticket cancellation/s of other people. And so for a trip to be ensured of departing, every passenger should get a CNF status on the IRCTC train booking Website.

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