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What is body image?

Body image refers to how a person looks and feels about his or her body when he or she looks at the mirror.

This seems to be a simplistic approach since body image also covers what a person believes about himself or herself that include assumption, memories and generalizations. Body image also pertains to how a person feels about his or her body in relation to its weight, height and shape. How a person senses and controls their body as they move and what they feel within are also part of body image.

Negative and positive body image

It can be quite problematic when a person suffers from a negative body image. For example, a person may have a negative perception of their body shape and as such think that their body image is something else than what it really is.

Some who have poor body image may think that they are unattractive, unlike most people and that the shape, as well as the size of their body, is a result of their own failure. Those who think negatively about their body image may also experience feelings of shame, self-consciousness and anxiety about their bodies.

People who also have poor images of their body may feel awkward and uncomfortable about their body.

Those with who have a positive body image, on the other hand, see the parts of their body for what they are. These people are appreciative of the kind of body shape they own and that their appearance does not say much about the kind of person they are.

They also accept and feel proud of the fact that they have a unique body and do not spend so much time in worrying about calories, food and weight. Simply put, people who have a positive body image are confident in their bodies.

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