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What is an FNP nurse?

What is an FNP nurse?

An FNP nurse, or Family Nurse Practitioner, is a person that is licensed or certified to practice as a nurse practitioner in the special field of Family Medicine.  FNP nurses may also specialize in common areas like pediatrics or geriatrics depending on their preferences and qualifications.  In most states in the U.S., FNP nurses earn their license to practice after the completion of a four-year nursing bachelor’s degree program and a two-year master’s course along with the required board exams and other certification requirements.

In standard cases, the FNP nurse works in collaboration with a family care physician.  The nurse’s involvement will basically be to assess a patient’s condition as well as to diagnose and render treatment.  It is typical that a Family Nurse Practitioner will provide his/her services to a patient for his/her lifetime.  The services that an FNP nurse may offer can vary in different situations.  The typical arrangement for some people will be in a healthcare facility.  Other people, meanwhile, prefer to be taken care of in the convenience of their own homes.  If the condition of the patient is considered stable, then he/she may get the FNP nurse’s services in his/her home.

It is also common to see FNP nurses practicing on their own.  In this particular case, the FNP nurse serves as the sole healthcare services provider for the patients.  Although there may still be times that the FNP nurse needs to coordinate with specialty doctors, he/she may actually have all that is needed to provide care to various patients.  Depending on specific state regulations in the U.S., Family Nurse Practitioners are allowed to do assessments and obtain medical histories from patients as well as diagnose or treat the illnesses accordingly. FNP nurses may also prescribe certain medications or refer patients to a rehab program, for example.  And aside from basic medical services, FNP nurses may also be involved with family counseling and patient education.

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