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What is AVCHD?

AVCHD, which stands for Advanced Video Codec High Definition, refers to a high definition video format for camcorders. The AVCHD format is owned by Sony and Panasonic and is not publicly available. Some examples of manufacturers which use AVCHD for their video cameras include, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and JVC. This type of format makes use […]

What is Bytemobile?

What is Bytemobile? ‘Bytemobile’ refers to the software that is famous for mobile video optimization and data services.  As a company, Bytemobile is now under Citrix Systems, Inc.  The company Bytemobile was founded in the year 2000, and since then it has become the market leader when it comes to mobile video optimization services. For […]

What is “Cnopbl”?

What is ‘Cnopbl’? Fans of the metal music group Metallica have questioned what ‘Cnopbl’ means when seeing part of the music video wherein a spore is named as ‘Cnopbl.’  There are people who simply point out that the name given to the spore in the video is the only meaning of ‘Cnopbl.’  A spore refers […]

What is MKV Extension?

What is MKV Extension? MKV Extension refers to a file extension for the Matroska Multimedia Container. For its video (with audio) files, the actual file is given the ‘.MKV” extension. It is a file format similar to other media containers like MP4, AVI, and ASF among others. The main difference is that MKV is an […]

What is QVOD?

What is QVOD? QVOD is also known as QuickVideo OnDemand. This is a widely recognized and awarded software application which runs on a system created by InfoValue Computing Inc. This company is one of the top figures and names in the industry that provides software-based solutions. This brand new program is the fruit of their […]

Knowing FLV And Beyond

Knowing FLV And Beyond The dawn of Youtube and Google videos have paved the way for the popularity of the Flash video files or commonly known as FLV. Aside from Youtube and Google, some other websites also make use of an FLV extension since videos are already the trend today. Most people would rather see […]

What is Digital Media? – Its Importance

What is Digital Media? ‘“ Its Importance Digital media is the opposite of analog media, which are actually electronic media that runs on digital codes. Computers interpret binary digital data and that means it can only read ‘0’ and ‘1’. Digital media can be anything like digital audio, digital video and other digital content such […]

What is IMAX?

What is IMAX? IMAX is a motion picture film format that is capable of displaying images of higher resolution and size than regular film systems. It is owned by the Canadian IMAX Corporation which deals with the leasing and marketing of IMAX films, but is also involved in the development and production of IMAX motion […]

What is HDTV?

What is HDTV? High Definition Television (HDTV) is a digital television exhibiting the highest quality in terms of video. It contains wider image aspect ratio than standard televisions. The aspect ratio of HDTV is similar to that of a movie theatre screen. It is featured with a wide screen and a resolution that makes viewing […]

What is HDMI?

What is HDMI? There have been major advances in entertainment over the past couple of years. Technology has been greatly improved to ensure the delivery of high quality entertainment to audiences. Picture and audio quality is constantly going up to higher levels and things are expected to get even better as far as quality is […]