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What does FML stand for?

FML is another acronym that is part of urban lingo or internet slang terms.  Many people encounter terms such as FML when chatting with friends or online or when seeing various post and comments by other people on social networking sites.  In today’s world, many terms such as FML are coined regularly to give new […]

What does “DFN” stand for?

What does ‘DFN’ stand for? In a world where many people communicate through mobile phones and the Internet, many words, phrases, and terms are coined each day.  Some of these new terms are also dubbed as ‘urban lingo’ or ‘Internet slang.’  One common practice in today’s high-tech communication is to use various acronyms that could […]

What is HAYOR?

What is HAYOR? ‘HAYOR,’ or ‘Hayor,’ is actually an acronym for ‘Hit at your own risk.’  This phrase is part of an urban lingo or Internet slang that is supposedly used by drug addicts or people that smoke pot or marijuana.  This phrase is applicable to use when the smoking pot is almost empty or […]

What is “HMU” on Facebook?

What is ‘HMU’ on Facebook? Facebook is the biggest and most popular social networking site in the world. With its popularity, various urban lingoes and Internet slang have been born along the way.  One such urban lingo is called ‘HMU’ which can be used as a status update or as a filler for comments on […]

What does IDK stand for?

What does IDK stand for? IDK is another urban lingo or internet slang that is frequently used by young people. Most of these people spend lots of time texting using mobile phones, chatting in online chatrooms, and posting blogs or shoutouts on the internet. The term “IDK” is simply short for “I Don’t Know” and […]

What is Blyth?

What is Blyth? Blyth is a term that may have different meanings to various people. For those living in the UK, Blyth is a small town in the northeastern part of England. It is a civil parish belonging to Northumberland with a population of only about 35,000. The name of the town is said to […]

What is DFA?

What is DFA? DFA is another acronym or phrase that has become part of urban lingo or internet slang. But DFA actually has quite a lot of meanings to it, depending on the type of conversation a person is having with another. In today’s tech-savvy world, many young people spend much of their time on […]

What is IKR?

What is IKR? IKR stands for “I Know Right” or “I Know, Right?”. This expression is commonly used in the world of mobile texting, internet chatrooms, and in social networking sites. It is one of many urban lingos and phrases that are coined and invented each day by those that spend so much time doing […]

What is SMH?

What is SMH? SMH is short for “shaking my head”, an expression widely used in texting, on social networking sites, and on internet chatrooms. It refers to an expression or urban lingo that people use when they encounter something absurd or stupid that they cannot come up with the right words to describe it. And […]

What is Uke and Seme?

What is Uke and Seme? Uke and seme are Japanese terms for male on male relationships with seme having the more dominant personality and having the more submissive personality. The terms “uke” and “seme” became popular and part of urban lingo because of its exposure on “yaoi” types of anime and several manga comic books. […]