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What is IDU in telecom?

IDU stands for “indoor unit” and in the telecommunications industry, it refers to the device that is connected to the computer router or television to accept the signal from a satellite for example. The signal may be for satellite television or part of an internet service provided by a telecommunications company, internet service provider, or […]

What is MLLN circuit?

What is MLLN circuit? MLLN circuit refers to a system involving a Managed Leased Line Network.  As its name suggests, this particular circuit runs on leased line rather than on a dial-up service.  In the field of telecommunications for example, individuals or companies that employ MLLN circuits have a designated line for their data transfer […]

What is CND?

What is CND? CND stands for Calling Number Delivery and it refers to a service offered by telecommunications companies to customers under the residential and small business categories. This service provides the receiver of the call with the calling party’s directory or phone number which is reflected on the phone equipment. CND is more commonly […]

What is VZW?

What is VZW? VZW stands for Verizon Wireless, currently the largest wireless phone and mobile telecommunications provider in the United States, with an estimated 102 million network subscribers as of 2011. The company is currently based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and is actually a joint venture created by the partnership of U.S. telecommunications giant […]

What is TDD/TTY?

What is TDD/TTY? TDD stands for “telecommunications device for the deaf” and TTY refers to a “teletypewriter”. Both terms are synonymous with each other and refer to a device that basically looks like a typewriter and is intended to help deaf and/or mute persons communicate with each other and with other people. The TDD/TTY machine […]

What is LMI Frame Relay?

What is LMI Frame Relay? LMI Frame Relay refers to the set of extensions as to the protocol of the Frame Relay. LMI stands for Local Management Interface, designed to give valuable information. These are details regarding the Frame Relay networks status and it basically helps for the extension of the capabilities of the said […]

What Is IIP3?

What Is IIP3? In the world of telecommunications, it is important to keep on improving what technology has already been in existence. This is the main reasons why there are a lot of techniques done in order to further what has been invented already. In doing so, it is important to make use of computations […]

What is Phreaking?

What is Phreaking? Phreaking is an urban lingo that refers to a form of hacking on telecommunications networks. Basically it involves taking advantage of the security gaps of a typical telephone system for a person to make long distance calls for free, do wiretapping, control other people’s phone lines, and/or get free services offered by […]