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What is LauncherPro?

What is LauncherPro? Launcher Pro is an application that allows Android phone users to make customizations on their phone beyond the actual allowable features of the said phone.  The only requirement for this application is for the phone to have an Android operating system.  Launcher Pro is offered for free allowing any Android phone user […]

What is MSDTC?

What is MSDTC? MSDTC stands for “Microsoft Transaction Coordinator”. It is a service component that comes built-in to the Windows operating systems starting with the Windows 2000 version and later versions including Windows NT version 4.0. This service component runs through its application file, msdtc.exe, and functions to coordinate several transactions involving multiple file systems, […]

What is RTM Windows 7?

What is RTM Windows 7? RTM Windows 7 refers to a “Release To Manufacturers” version of Windows 7. It is basically some form of a test version or an “almost final” version released to several computer manufacturers for compatibility testing with their hardware. This version of Windows 7 already contains the codes that are soon […]

What is an Operating System?

What is an Operating System? An operating system is a program or software that allows other programs or applications to run in a specific computer. It also acts as the manager of the hardware resources of the computer it is running on. It forms the most essential part of the computer’s software functions. Without it, […]

What is Windows 7 Starter?

What is Windows 7 Starter? Windows 7 Starter is one edition of the Windows 7 operating system (OS) from Microsoft. Windows 7 has three primary editions which are better known than Windows 7, and these are Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. One of the main differences of Windows 7 […]

What is Ubuntu? – The Free Operating System

What is Ubuntu? ‘“ The Free Operating System Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system that was released as free and open source software in October 2004. Ubuntu is an African word, which means ‘humanity to others’. Developers of the operating system aim to bring the spirit of humanity to the world of computers. Primarily, […]

What is Unix?

What is Unix? ‘“ A Brief History The Unix is an operating system ‘“ a multi-user environment that has been applied to different platforms. This powerful operating system was developed in Bell Labs in 1969. In the past few decades, other developers contributed to its advancement. Two people are behind this interactive time-sharing system ‘“ […]