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What is EOBC?

EOBC stands for Ethernet Out of Band Channel, a communication line for network or LAN switches.  The basic function of EOBC is to allow for all the cards connected to the network or switch to have a gateway for remote management.  The Ethernet out of Band channel basically works as a remote switch management gateway […]

What is Kerberos?

What is Kerberos? Kerberos is a MIT-developed system or protocol for computer network authentication. Using a process or technique called secret-key cryptography, Kerberos features a very strong authentication system for various applications that run in a particular network. With Kerberos, various nodes are required to undergo an authentication process even if it is part of […]

What is VPN Used For?

What is VPN Used For? VPN is the abbreviation that means Virtual Private Network. It is a method or way to have a secured channel between a remote network and the local computer which you are working at. The remote network on the other hand is a computer network which is situated at a setting […]

What is a Supply Chain?

What is a Supply Chain? A supply chain is a coordinated network of people, organizations, resources, activities, and information with the goal of product delivery to customers from suppliers. It involves the various activities that happen before a particular product reaches the end-user or customer, from the production of goods down to their distribution and […]

What is DCOM?

What is DCOM? One of the most important conveniences of computing is the use of computer networks. They provide users with the ability to share files and resources easily and conveniently on the network. This reduces the need for physical movement which wastes time and other company resources. There have been a number of significant […]

What is Sharepoint?

What is Sharepoint? Sharepoint is an enterprise platform that is designed, as the name suggests, as a virtual sharing portal in one specific place. Sharepoint can be set up for use in the extranet, intranet or over the Internet. Sharepoint is a family of programs developed by Microsoft, much like its cousin MS Office. It […]

What is DNS?

For most people in the world today, working with a computer will normally involve some interaction with the internet. There are not many who have stopped to think of what makes it possible for millions of computers from all corners of the globe to interact and share data flawlessly. There are many components that come […]