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What is Jihad?

What is Jihad? Jihad is a term used by Muslims to mean some form of struggle or religious duty. In its literal sense, this term pertains to some form of effort or labor as a means of protecting one’s rights. Many believe that the term “jihad” was first connected with military effort. But eventually this […]

What is Islam Religion?

What is Islam Religion? Islam is the name of the religion practiced by Muslims around the globe. It is based on the Qu’ran, which serves as their main book when it comes to Islamic teachings. The Qu’ran represents the actual word of God for Islamic followers and it is through this book that Muslims are […]

What is Muslim?

What is Muslim? Muslim and Moslem can be used interchangeably. The word Muslim pertains to a person supporting the Islam religion. The word literally means ‘one who submits to God’. It was known to all that every Muslim follows Sunnah. However, disparity in defining the Sunnah in terms of ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ […]

What is Eid Mubarak?

What is Eid Mubarak? Eid Mubarak is a phrase used as a greeting by Muslims used in Islamic religious festivals Eid Al-Adha (feast of sacrifice wherein the faith of Abraham was shown through his willingness to sacrifice his son to God, after which God accepted a sacrifice of a ram instead) and Eid Ul-Fitr or […]

What is Eid al-Adha?

What is Eid al-Adha? One of the most important religious holidays celebrated by Muslims around the world is the Eid al-Adha. In English, the term Eid al-Adha is more commonly known as ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ or ‘Greater Eid’. The religious festival is celebrated to honor or remember how willingly Abraham sacrificed his son, Ishmael to […]

What is Ramadan?

What is Ramadan? The ninth month of the Islamic Calendar, Ramadan is a very important period in every Muslim’s life. It’s a period of fasting, meant to bring every man closer to religion and during this month, eating, drinking or having sexual relations are prohibited, from day to dawn. The Muslims are supposed to pray […]

What is Darvish?

What is Darvish? Darvish is a commonly misspelled version of the word dervish, which pertains to a person in the Sufi Muslim faith who is seeking a path of asceticism. An ascetic is someone who lives a life whose main purpose is to seek spiritual and religious enlightenment. Thus, a dervish is the Sufi Muslim […]

What is Pashtunwali?

What is Pashtunwali? Pashtunwali is an unwritten code of ethics used by the Pashtun tribes people of the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. It is also interpreted as the ‘way of the Pashtuns’ or the ‘code of life’. It is also practiced by many Afghan and Pakistani non-Pashtuns who live in close proximity of Pashtun communities. Pashtunwali is […]

What is Muslim Brotherhood?

What is Muslim Brotherhood? Muslim Brotherhood, also often called The Society of the Muslim Brothers, is a movement that spans across many countries, and is in politics the biggest opposition group in many Arab nations. It is also considered by many the most influential group of its kind. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt […]