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What is Gaza and Gully?

Gaza and Gully refer to Jamaican hip-hop or dancehall artists Vybz Kartel and Mavado respectively.  They are two of the most popular and influential music artists in Jamaica and each have a legion of fans on their side.  Rooted from a deep history of cultural division, the followers of both Gaza and Gully have also […]

What is MBC Music Core?

MBC Music Core refers to a popular TV program in South Korea. Broadcast by MBC, Music Core or also called as Show! Music Core features various live performances of popular music artists in South Korea. MBC or Munwha Broadcasting Corporation is the oldest and one of south Korea’s biggest TV and radio network. Many of […]

What is EOTO?

EOTO is a music band that specializes in electronic music.  It is composed of Michael Travis and Jason Hann to form the duo back in 2006. EOTO has increasingly become popular in many parts of the US because of its unique mix of live band music accompanied by electronic instruments.  Both Travis and Hann are […]

What is “MCRmy”?

What is ‘MCRmy’? ‘MCRmy’ is short for ‘My Chemical Romance Army,’ and it refers to the legions of loyal fans and supporters of the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance.  Fans of this very popular music group like to call themselves MCRmy, and many of them are proud and consider themselves a close-knit group of […]

What is “Cnopbl”?

What is ‘Cnopbl’? Fans of the metal music group Metallica have questioned what ‘Cnopbl’ means when seeing part of the music video wherein a spore is named as ‘Cnopbl.’  There are people who simply point out that the name given to the spore in the video is the only meaning of ‘Cnopbl.’  A spore refers […]

What is BMG music?

‘BMG music’ refers to the record company Bertelsmann Music Group. It was founded back in 1987 and had its official headquarters in the city of Gutersloh in Germany.  BMG became one of the biggest record companies in the world selling millions of records with its various artists. By the year 2004, it went into a […]

What is Emo?

What is Emo? Emo is a type of rock music that evolved from the original punk rock of the early 1980s. It differs from the original punk rock in the sense that “emo” music is said to have more “emotions” to it and its lyrics tend to be ridden with angst. The term “emo” is […]

What is an Aria?

What is an Aria? An aria refers to a musical piece that is intended to be sung in solo with or without musical accompaniment or background. Today though, the arias that people refer to are those sung in solo with an accompanying musical orchestra, which can usually be found in operas and other musicals. But […]

What is Mumford and Sons?

What is Mumford and Sons? Mumford and Sons refer to the four-man group from West London which made their debut in December 2007. The genre of this group is mainly folk rock and from their formation to their present career in the music industry, the group has made their own name and created music that […]

What is BM?

What is BM? BM is the acronym for Bachelor of Music which is a scholastic degree or achievement you could attain from a university or college. Moreover, it could also be completed in a conservatory of music based on the programs they require. Some of the common courses you must comply with and complete include […]

What is an OST?

What is an OST? OST or Original Soundtrack refers to the music that accompanies scenes of a particular movie, TV series, video game, or even books. If a movie is involved then it is called an original movie soundtrack. For TV programs, they are called original TV program soundtrack. In the case of movies, many […]

What is Yonder?

What is Yonder? Yonder refers to the “Yonder Mountain String Band”, which is an American band based in Colorado. The band plays bluegrass music and has so far released several albums, with five of them produced in the studio and several others taken from live performances. The “Yonder” band is composed of four members. Jeff […]

What is Poker Face About?

What is Poker Face About? Poker Face is the infamous song popularized by Lady Gaga, an American recording artist. This is included in the debut album entitled The Fame and produced by RedOne. The song is very popular among contemporary music and pop song enthusiasts. It has an up-tempo dance beat in G# minor key […]

What is Saosin?

What is Saosin? Saosin is the name of a hardcore punk band from California, USA. This band was formed in the year 2003 with members Beau Burchell on guitars, Justin Shekoski on guitars, Chris Sorenson on bass and keyboards, Alex Rodriguez on drums, and Anthony Green on lead vocals. But Green only stayed with the […]

What is NKG?

What is NKG? NKG stands for Naked Karate Girls, a four-piece band from Cincinnati, Ohio USA. With band members that call themselves cops with one suspect, the NKG band adds a comedic twist to their musical performance. Band members include Mustang that does the vocals and guitars, Ponch doing the bass with vocals, Lieutenant Jack […]

What is CMJ?

What is CMJ? CMJ stands for College Music Journal and is a music event best known for its annual festival held in New York City. This music fest is also known as the CMJ Music Marathon. It also launches the weekly magazine for and of the music industry as well as the college radio stations. […]