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What is DirectX?

DirectX refers to a set of APIs or application program interfaces developed by Microsoft for the Windows operating system. These API’s basically helped improve the functionality of computer hardware and software in the form of improved graphics and dynamic web pages. Through the DirectX component, the hardware part of the computer will be able to […]

What is MLK license?

MLK license refers to a type of software license that is considered as “media less”. In the world of Windows software like operating systems and Office software, the licenses associated with them are labelled with different things including OEM and MLK for example. When a particular software licenses is labelled with MLK, it simply means […]

What is a HLP file?

HLP files are “Help” files that are part of computers installed with the Windows operating system from Microsoft. Its contents include various details regarding Windows itself and various other programs. These details may include basic information about the program or application and the associated instructions for setup and troubleshooting. Whenever a person encounters problems with […]

What is dfsvc?

Dfsvc or dfsvc.exe is an executable file that is part of Microsoft’s .NET Framework.  This framework basically contains various files and libraries that work together to allow smooth operations between different computer languages.  Through the .NET Framework developed for the Windows operating system, a particular language will be able to use codes that are created […]

What is FXCop?

FXCop is the short term for Framework Police, an analysis tool for Microsoft’s .NET Framework.  As its name suggests, FXCop basically functions to analyze and check various codes inside the .NET Framework. By having a framework engine like FXCop, software developers will be able to check the details on the .NET framework in terms of […]

What is MSBuild?

MSBuild or Microsoft Build is a software platform intended to for automation of the build process involved in developing software.  This so-called build platform is designed to work hand in hand with Visual Studio, Microsoft’s main platform for software creation and development. The best thing about build is that it allows expert developers to create […]

What is DXWND?

DXWND is a mini program that allows Microsoft games to be viewed on a smaller window rather than the standard full screen.  Microsoft games that are created under the Direct X platform are typically played via full screen mode.  For people who want to do some multi-tasking and perhaps do something else on their computer […]

What is Active Directory?

What is Active Directory? Active Directory is Microsoft’s very own directory service. This refers to a system intended for managing computer directories. With Active Directory, one may be able to store information, organize data, and manage access rights to a particular directory. This directory service was said to be developed and created by Microsoft back […]

What is MSDTC?

What is MSDTC? MSDTC stands for “Microsoft Transaction Coordinator”. It is a service component that comes built-in to the Windows operating systems starting with the Windows 2000 version and later versions including Windows NT version 4.0. This service component runs through its application file, msdtc.exe, and functions to coordinate several transactions involving multiple file systems, […]

What is IAS?

What is IAS? IAS or Internet Authentication Service is Microsoft’s way or system of centralizing internet authentication, accounting, auditing, and authorization on its Windows Server operating systems. Based on the RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service), IAS provides for authentication services from various means of accessing a particular network. Access to a network may be […]

What is an OFT File?

What is an OFT File? OFT files refer to Outlook File Templates. So, basically users can make templates using OFT files in Microsoft Outlook. Email templates may be necessary for some people to save time in writing and re-writing content. Like when somebody is asked to give regular email updates to team members in a […]

ASF File Ideas in a Capsule

ASF File Ideas in a Capsule Those who are technology buff might be very familiar (or eve annoyed) of the term ASF file. In fact, they get to see these files day by day. Now, if you are quite new to this term, what exactly is it and how does it differ from any other […]

What is Windows 7 Starter?

What is Windows 7 Starter? Windows 7 Starter is one edition of the Windows 7 operating system (OS) from Microsoft. Windows 7 has three primary editions which are better known than Windows 7, and these are Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. One of the main differences of Windows 7 […]

What is Xbox?

What is Xbox? Xbox is a video gaming console developed and manufactured by Microsoft. Xbox is Microsoft’s first venture into the business of video gaming console, and Xbox competed with the more established Sony Playstation 2, Sega Dreamcast, and Nintendo Gamecube. Xbox was first released in November 2001 in North America, followed by a release […]

What is Windows Live? – A Short Summary

What is Windows Live? ‘“ A Short Summary According to Microsoft, Windows Live is ‘all you need to stay in touch and keep your life in sync’. Windows Live is a collective brand name used for Microsoft’s set of services and software products. Most of the services included are applications for the web, which means […]