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What is law of conservation of mass?

The Law of conservation of mass is a law in chemistry formulated by Antoine Lavoisier back in 1789. This law basically states that the mass of matter or objects are conserved or does not change even if it undergoes change or chemical reaction. The mass of an object remains constant despite going through a chemical […]

What is martial law?

Martial law refers to a state wherein a particular country or region is under military rule or power. In extreme instances like massive riots, protests, and wars for example, some governments may be forced to use military power over the entire country or a particular district in order to restore peace and order. In most […]

What is GBH?

GBH is harm caused by intention. It is penalized under section 18 and 20 in English law codes. GBH is an abbreviation of grievous bodily harm, and it is a harm caused by someone who has strong and revengeful intentions and harms the opponent physically. Wounds are usually not considered a gruesome crime and people […]

What is the Bill of Rights?

What is the Bill of Rights? In almost all countries of the world, the Bill of Rights represents some sort of list of all the basic rights of citizens. The obvious purpose of making such a list is to allow people to exercise their freedom and their rights while living in a particular country and […]

What Is PLD?

What Is PLD? Since PLD has been established in New Delhi, India, it has already made many projects in order to further their advocacies when it comes to protesting against discrimination in different sectors of the society as well as deliver social justice to many people all over India. PLD actually stands for Partners for […]

What Is FICA?

What Is FICA? FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contributions Act.  It is a law in the U.S. that requires a certain deduction from an employee’s paycheck for Social Security and for Medicare.  Employers deduct a set percentage from the employees’ salaries and are expected to match the same amount for the employees’ benefits.  This law […]

What is Justice?

In the broadest sense, justice can be defined as the implementation of what is right, appropriate and deserved. It is a sense of moral uprightness, and the struggle to keep a balanced system of performance and reward, as well as crime and punishment. Justice is usually depicted as the Lady Justice, mostly seen in courthouses, […]

What is Minimum Wage?

Minimum wage is the lowest possible salary that businesses can pay its employees whether per hour, per day, or per month, as mandated by law. In the same breath, it is also by law the lowest rate that a citizen can charge in exchange for his labor. Minimum wage is enforced to enable citizens to […]