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What is EAL Teaching?

The full form of EAL teaching is English as an Additional Language. This is a course often taken up by students who want to learn English as a second or third language. It can be guessed that the mother tongue of these students is not English, yet they have a curiosity to learn and understand […]

What is “efharisto”?

What is ‘efharisto’? ‘Efharisto’ is simply the Greek term or translation for the English phrase ‘thank you.’  When people want to give appreciation to others that may have served them well, for example, they may say ‘efharisto’ instead of the English ‘thank you.’ Greek is the official language of Greece and its neighbor country Cyprus. […]

What is ORM?

What is ORM? ORM stands for Object-relational mapping and it refers to a technique in computer programming wherein the data is converted from differing incompatible type systems in languages that are object-oriented. This allows for manipulation of data within the particular programming language using a virtual type of object database. ORMs may be created by […]

What is EJB? Reasons Why You Should Go For EJB (Enterprise JavaBean)

Reasons Why You Should Go For EJB (Enterprise JavaBean) If you are a programming buff, you will definitely know a lot about Java and Java applications. By now, you must also know that programming is indeed a fast moving field. When you have just finally gotten the hang of things, a new programming language and […]

What is Ayoba?

What is Ayoba? Slang words are getting popular as the languages evolve. One example of a slang word that is getting more popular each day is the word ‘ayoba’. What is this ayoba all about? According to people who are familiar with the word, ayoba means a word of approval. It was believed to be […]

What Does Ditto Mean?

What Does Ditto Mean? Language is dynamic and as such changes and grows with time. There are many influences on the languages we use. Some of them are internal influences such as slang which involves the coining of new words that become an informal part of the language. Other influences are external such as when […]

What is Panache?

What is Panache? Panache is a term that in the modern context is used to describe a person or style who/which is dashing and flamboyant. The origin of the word panache comes from the Middle French word ‘penacche’, from the old Italian word ‘pennacchio’ (or old Latin word ‘pinnaculum’, meaning little wing) which is an […]

What is Anecdote?

What is Anecdote? An anecdote is an interesting story which is derived from real life, often funny, which serves to entertain the audience. It does not necessarily have to be based on famous people, it could be about anybody at all. Unlike fables and parables, an anecdote does not seek to convey a lesson. Likewise, […]

What is Rain Check?

What is Rain Check? Rain check is a popular idiom in the English language that can be seen or heard in many conversations that talk about a particular schedule. A conversation might go something like ‘Can you make it to dinner tonight?’ to which the other person may answer ‘I’ll take a rain check, the […]

What is an Epigram?

What is an Epigram? An epigram is a short, memorable, witty saying that is usually about a single event. The word epigram comes from the Greek word ‘epigramma’ and ‘epigraphein’ which means ‘inscription’ and ‘to write on’ respectively. The Greeks started writing epigrams as dedications in graves and statues. They were poetic verses which ascribed […]

What is a Predicate?

What is a Predicate? Every sentence is divided into two main parts: the subject and the predicate. The subject is what the sentence is discussing or pertaining to, and the predicate is what is being said about or a description the subject. A predicate requires a verb for it to qualify as such. For example, […]

What is a Verb?

What is a Verb? Simply put, a verb is an ‘action word’, meaning it is a part of speech that signifies an action, or things that are done or indicate a state of being. Some samples of verbs are ‘eat’, ‘run’, ‘play’, ‘talk’, and ‘read’. In the sentence ‘Mary swims to get fit’, the action […]