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What is iCloud?

iCloud refers to a cloud-computing or virtual storage system offerred by Apple Inc. since 2011. Using the iCloud service enables Apple device users to share pictures, videos, and documents across various devices by means of having a virtual storage space provided by Apple Inc. Through iCloud, data on one Apple device like the iPhone may […]

What is MyWi?

What is MyWi? ‘MyWi’ refers to a computer application designed to provide tethering capabilities to iPhones and similar devices. Through this particular application, iPhone users with an Internet connection can share it with a bunch of other users.  Through MyWi, a group of friends, for example, can connect to the Internet through only one connection […]

What is an Unlocked iPhone?

What is an Unlocked iPhone? An unlocked iPhone basically refers to a tampered iPhone that is previously “locked” to work only under a specific mobile network provider. Like in the case of AT&T in the US, they have gained exclusive rights to be the mobile network provider for iPhone devices and so these devices are […]

What is IPSW?

What is IPSW? ITunes is Apple Application digital media software that organizes music and videos. This connects and synchs IPad, IPhones, and IPhone Touch in your computer. ITunes and mostly all Apple supported Hardwares uses IPSW file format. IPSW or commonly known as IPhone/IPad/IPod Software contains set of information and data that is used by […]

What is HDR on iPhone?

What is HDR on iPhone? HDR or High Dynamic Range is a camera feature available on iOS4.1 for the iPhone.  This is a greatly anticipated feature for iPhone’s built-in cameras.  With this HDR option, iPhone cameras can now produce better quality photos with life-like colors. High Dynamic Range (HDR) involves capturing of images in different […]

What is iPhone DFU?

What is iPhone DFU? DFU mode in iphone means Device Firmware Upgrade. This is not similar to the restore mode. Unlike restore mode, when in DFU mode, iPhone can work with the iTunes without having to load the iPhone operating system. Thus, it bypasses the current OS installed, thereby allowing one to downgrade to legacy […]

What is DFU Mode? – A How to Guide

What is DFU Mode? ‘“ A How to Guide DFU is an acronym used for Device Firmware Upgrade. DFU mode is often mistaken to be the same or similar to restore mode. So what does DFU mode do? DFU mode circumvents the existing Operating System installed. The process allows the device or your iPhone to […]

What is iPhone Baseband?

What is iPhone Baseband? iPhone baseband is the basically the system behind the modem of an iPhone. The phone has a system for the computer and a separate system (analogy: operating system) commanding the modem part. A baseband upgrade is essentially a modem specification upgrade. Phone hackers keep updated on different and the latest versions […]

What is iPhone Jailbreak?

What is iPhone Jailbreak? iPhone jailbreak is the term used for hacking an Apple iPhone in order to free it for use of third party applications. It is essentially freeing the phone up of Apple restrictions in order to be able to install more applications on the phone, applications which have not been authorized by […]

What is iPhone Tethering?

What is iPhone Tethering? Tethering is when a mobile phone (traditional or smart phone) is used as a modem for a computer. This is usually done by installing a PC suite on the computer being used, to enable the PC to read the phone and use it for internet connectivity, via a USB cable. Tethering […]