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What is eDataSecurity?

What is eDataSecurity? eDataSecurity is a data security and encryption service from Acer computers. For people with Acer computers and laptops, they may download the corresponding executable file which is part of Acer’s eDataSecurity Management service. With easy installation procedures, users will be able to protect their personal data from security threats and malware. Users […]

What is KMT?

KMT is an acronym for the phrase “kiss my teeth”. This phrase is commonly used by young people especially in using social media or networking platforms. “Kiss my teeth” is some kind of an alternative to the more offensive phrase “kiss my ass”. This phrase is used when feeling annoyed or irritated by somebody. KMT […]

What is HAYOR?

What is HAYOR? ‘HAYOR,’ or ‘Hayor,’ is actually an acronym for ‘Hit at your own risk.’  This phrase is part of an urban lingo or Internet slang that is supposedly used by drug addicts or people that smoke pot or marijuana.  This phrase is applicable to use when the smoking pot is almost empty or […]

What is MIME?

What is MIME? MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and as the name suggests, this Internet standard is used to support non-text attachments to basic email. Basically this standard is being followed when sending email over the internet, specifically those that contain non-text items such as video, graphics, and audio files. And aside from […]

What are MMO games?

What are MMO games? MMO or massively multiplayer online games literally means games played on the internet by a large number of people. These are games that are very popular on the internet because “multi” or multiple players can play the game simultaneously. Regardless of a person’s location in the world, he/she can play the […]

What is HTTP?

What is HTTP? Anyone who uses the Internet is likely familiar to http. If you use the Internet, you will find http at the beginning of every Internet address, or uniform resource locator (URL). Http stands for hypertext transfer protocol. Http is a language of networking communication. The World Wide Web (www) primarily uses this […]

What is Internet?

What is Internet? Technically, Internet is a universal system of computer networks that are interconnected to serve millions or even billions of people around the world. It is like grasping the whole globe with your hands. Internet connects people from all corners of the earth. However, before you dig in to what Internet is all […]

What is Broadband? – Popular Types

What is Broadband? ‘“ Popular Types Broadband is a shortened term for broadband internet connection. In the early introduction of the internet, connections were made possible using telephone lines and a modem. However, a modem provides slow connection and is limited to run only at 56kbps. Transferring large files over the internet using telephone lines […]

What is DIGG?

What is DIGG? DIGG is a website that features news and social content, all of which are shared or submitted by its loyal users.  And since the website is focused on the users, content can be shared with other members.  To date, DIGG.com is among the Top 250 sites in the internet.  It registers 33 […]

What is BCC?

What is BCC? BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy and is used in email messaging.  It is a copy of the email you’re sending to a recipient whose email address is hidden from the message. In contrast, email addresses of recipients added in the “TO” and “CC” columns are reflected on the email message. In […]

What Is Web 2.0?

What Is Web 2.0? Though there is much debate what Web 2.0 really means, many experts agree that the web today is so much different from the way we viewed it in the past.  Web 2.0 is associated with the updated versions of the sites and services of the web.  The ‘old’ web had to […]

What Is VOIP?

What Is Voip? V.O.I.P. stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  It is a technology that allows transmission of voice calls over the internet instead of the regular phone lines.  “Internet Protocol” was originally designed for data transfer, but due to its success, voice transfer was adapted to the same technology.  With the use of VoIP […]

What Is jQuery?

What Is jQuery? jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that makes making web pages and applications quicker and easier.  It is so popular that Microsoft, ESPN, and Twitter use jQuery on their sites.  By eliminating unnecessary markup on the codes, jQuery makes JavaScript writing easy and short.  One line of a jQuery code would achieve […]

What is Net Neutrality ?

What is Net Neutrality ? Net Neutrality is a principle to offer restriction free internet to end users. This principle states that internet should be neutral to end users and no restriction can be made from the part of internet providers and government. Net Neutrality is a network paradigm that argues internet service providers should […]

What is Favicon?

What is Favicon? Favicon is a shortened term for ‘favorite icon’, a custom icon (which is oftentimes a logo) that is associated with a website, appearing on the immediate left of the URL address in the address bar of your browser. It also appears on tabs in tabbed browsing, and is visible on the left […]

What is HTML?

The internet is today arguably the biggest resource for information, entertainment and communication. It is also the single largest source and venue for business, processing and transactions which are worth billions per every few hours. If there is anything you are looking for it is more than likely to be found on the internet. There […]

What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a significant step in the advancement of computer use and the internet. The idea goes back as far as 1960 when John McCarthy stated that there could come a time when computation would be provided similar to other public utilities like electricity. At the time he made this […]

What is Cyber Monday?

What is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday is an online shopping event, taking place on the Monday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Cyber Monday also takes place the Monday after Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, where retail businesses offer big discounts on their merchandise. The term Cyber Monday was coined by digital retail […]

What is iPhone Tethering?

What is iPhone Tethering? Tethering is when a mobile phone (traditional or smart phone) is used as a modem for a computer. This is usually done by installing a PC suite on the computer being used, to enable the PC to read the phone and use it for internet connectivity, via a USB cable. Tethering […]

What is URL?

What is URL? In the area of computing, URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. All web pages in the World Wide Web can be accessed using their directory name, the URL. The URL is a file or page’s global address, a unique ‘folder’ that when typed in a browser will bring you to a specific […]

What is Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the internet. A social networking site is basically an online platform through which people keep in touch with family and friends, make new friends, catch up with long lost friends and relatives and even communicate with business partners. In short it can be said that social […]

What is DNS?

For most people in the world today, working with a computer will normally involve some interaction with the internet. There are not many who have stopped to think of what makes it possible for millions of computers from all corners of the globe to interact and share data flawlessly. There are many components that come […]