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What is EPW?

EPW or Economic and Political Weekly is a magazine published by Sameeksha Trust in Mumbai, India.  This magazine features various articles and papers to topics relating to India’s political, social, and economic scene.  Some sections are also dedicated to historical reports with comments and analysis. The first EPW magazine was published back in 1949 and […]

What is Diwali festival in India?

India’s Diwali or “Deepavali” festival is known as the festival of lights. For most Hindus, Diwali is considered the most popular and most colorful festival in the Indian calendar. It is usually celebrated around mid-October to mid-November depending on when the darkest new moon happens based on the Hindu Lunisolar calendar. The festival is celebrated […]

What is DLF in India?

DLF or Delhi Land and Finance is India’s biggest real estate developer.  Officially known as DLF Limited, this company is mainly involved in developing residential complexes, commercial buildings, and retail spaces across India. For businesses and individuals who wish to get assistance from land acquisition concerns to development proper, DLF Limited is one of the […]

What is KEC?

KEC is an Indian company that specializes in manufacturing electrical transmission towers and providing communications infrastructure not only in India but to several countries around the world. KEC is officially known as KEC International Limited and as manufacturer of electrical transmission towers, this company is considered the second largest in the world. KEC started out […]

What are IDFC bonds?

IDFC bonds refer to fixed-income financial instruments issued by the IDFC firm or the Infrastructure Development Finance Company. IDFC is considered one of India’s most trusted organizations in the field of infrastructure and financial services. Founded back in 1997, the IDFC has provided support to various infrastructure projects across India and helped many people with […]

What is Bhakut?

In India a number of people follow astrology. A number of people believe that astrology can solve their financial, social, personal, and marital problems; therefore they always refer to astrology before making big decisions in their lives. One of the biggest decisions of life is marriage. People often refer to experienced astrologers to help them […]

What is IMFL?

IMFL stands for Indian Made Foreign Liquor.  In all of India, IMFL is term used for basically all types of hard liquor or spirits that are made within the country.  Whether a person works for the government or a private business, any locally manufactured liquor is classified or referred to as IMFL.  With its wide […]

What is GIPSA insurance?

‘GIPSA’ stands for ‘General Insurer Public Sector Association’ of India.  This organization is a cooperation among the four, public, general insurance organizations to help Indians acquire health care services with standardized rates across accredited hospitals. GIPSA was formed out of a need to make some reforms in terms of healthcare services rates throughout India’s hospitals […]

What is an APF number?

What is an APF number? APF number refers to the Approved Project Financial number or code and this is provided by various financing companies in India that are involved with housing and related developments. This particular code is given to the authorized builder of a house, building, or similar project. When a person for example […]

What is JTO?

What is JTO? ‘JTO’ stands for ‘Junior Telecom Officer,’ a job position being offered by one of India’s biggest companies in the telecommunications and electronics industry, BSNL, or Barath Sanchar Nigam Limited.  Many graduates in India aim for the JTO position to be part of the huge call center and service operations of BSNL.  This […]

What does JNPT stand for?

What does JNPT stand for? ‘JNPT’ stands for ‘Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust,’ and it is India’s biggest container port.  It is also called “Nhava Sheva” and is situated at the area near Navi Mumbai.  This particular port was originally developed to lessen the container port traffic in the main port of Mumbai.  With its location […]

What is MDD Medical?

What is MDD Medical? ‘MDD Medical’ refers to a company in India called MDD Medical System.  This particular company is involved with providing products and innovations in the field of medicine.  The ‘MDD’ in the company name stands for ‘Maa Dropati Devi,’ which is the name of Shri S. C. Verma’s mother.  Mr. Verma is […]

What is BJP?

What is BJP? BJP stands for Bharatiya Janata Party, the second largest political party in India. This political party was established back in 1980 and stands as one of only two major political parties in India. Throughout its existence, the BJP has been known to be supporters of Indian Nationalism. Traditionally, the Bharatiya Janata Party […]

What is HDFC?

What is HDFC? HDFC stands for “Housing Development Finance Corporation” and it refers to one of India’s biggest financial services organization. The HDFC Bank was incorporated back in 1994 and was one of the first to be allowed by the Reserve Bank of India to operate as a private organization. This came after India’s banking […]

What is Garba?

What is Garba? Garba is a dance that originated in the Gujarat region of India. It is performed usually by Indian women and is considered a popular folk dance in the said region. The word “garba” has Sanskrit roots and it means womb and/or small lamp. The traditional way of dancing the garba involves women […]

What is CAG?

What is CAG? The CAG or “Comptroller and Auditor General” of India is the main auditor of the expenses incurred by India’s government as indicated on its own constitution. Part of the CAG’s authority is also to audit the expenditures of India’s state governments and various companies owned by the government. And as auditor of […]

What is Mava?

What is Mava? Mava is most famous in India and is a key ingredient in making different kinds of delicacies or sweet dishes. Mava is basically milk, which has been processed and reduced to a semi-solid consistency. Mava is known by a number of other names. Among these are Khoya, Mawa, and Kiti. Do not […]

What Is PLD?

What Is PLD? Since PLD has been established in New Delhi, India, it has already made many projects in order to further their advocacies when it comes to protesting against discrimination in different sectors of the society as well as deliver social justice to many people all over India. PLD actually stands for Partners for […]

The Impact of ICPO in the Global Community

The Impact of ICPO in the Global Community Since its establishment in 1979, ICPO has already achieved a lot in their field. In fact, it is one of the most respected institutes in India due to their contribution to the society in terms of researches and advancement of knowledge. ICPO actually stands for Institute of […]

What is DNIS: An Organization Aimed At Helping the Disabled

DNIS: An Organization Aimed At Helping the Disabled Even if India has a very huge population, not all the people here can function in their day-to-day life normally. Just like any other countries, they also have people within their more than a billion of population that can be considered disabled. They actually comprise 6% of […]

What is Bhuna?

What is Bhuna? Bhuna is a technique in cooking that is popular in many parts of India. The technique involves the frying of various spices in very hot oil with the end-goal of having a paste-like texture and to bring out more of its flavor. But bhuna may also refer to an Indian dish wherein […]

What is Diwali?

What is Diwali? The countries Nepal and India celebrate a festival known as Diwali. Hindus consider Diwali as a sacred celebration. However, other religions in India celebrate the same festival. Communities composed of Hindu, Jainist and Sikh from all around the globe celebrate Diwali. Such communities celebrate a mini festival of their own. There is […]

What is the Problem in Kashmir?

What is the Problem in Kashmir? Kashmir, a region in the northeastern part of India is in the middle of a heated conflict between India and neighboring Pakistan. While the India-Pakistan conflict is the more prominent conflict in the region, China and the Kashmiri people are also involved in a dispute with India regarding territory. […]