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What is a MRM domain?

MRM domain refers to the messaging model or domain that works under the IBM platform.  Through MRM domains, various message models may be created for varying message types and formats. The message types and formats may also be configured to integrate with the specifications of a message domain parser or the MRM parser in the […]

What is a GPFS file system?

‘GPFS,’ or ‘General Parallel File System,’ is a file clustering system developed by IBM.  This particular file system is considered to be very high-performance because it allows very fast data retrieval and is able to store almost unlimited data in a secure environment. With its reputation as a reliable filing system, many of the world’s […]

What is Axiom?

What is Axiom? Axiom is an open-source computer algebra system developed by IBM researchers headed by Richard Jenks. It used to be called “Scratchpad” back in 1973 when it was first developed. Later in the 1990s it was acquired by NAG or Numerical Algorithms Group of England, which gave the name “Axiom” to this software. […]

What is JCL?

What is JCL? JCL or Job Control Language is a language used to describe “jobs” in IBM mainframe computers. It uses scripts to communicate with the operating system and computer hardware. Specifically it is involved in making requests to a particular hardware device, introducing a job to the computer’s OS, and directing it on what […]

What is IBM?

What is IBM? IBM is one of the pioneer technology companies that greatly contributed to the development of the computer as we know it today. This technology company was founded in 1911 and has its headquarters in New York City in the United States. Though rarely used, the company is officially registered as International Business […]

What is MQ Series?

What is MQ Series? MQ Series is a middleware from IBM, which is made up of three products: MQ Series Messaging, MQ Series Integrator and MQ Series Workflow. The purpose of MQ Series is to integrate other applications to work together. Middleware is also known as business integration software. The three products composing the business […]

What is MQ?

What is MQ? MQ loosely means “message queue”. It is a “Message Oriented Middleware” developed by IBM for business messaging and queuing. It allows for sending and receiving messages across platforms with near real-time efficiency and guaranteed delivery. Formerly called MQSeries, this middleware is widely used by major industries around the globe because it simplifies […]

What is SAP?

In 1972, five former employees of IBM got together and decided to put up their own software outfit. They named their company, Systeme Anwendungen Produkte which is German for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. The company was founded with a purpose of developing products that would allow clients to use a single corporate […]