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What is JTidy?

JTidy refers to the Java port of popular HTML cleanout tool called HTML Tidy. HTML Tidy is an application that helps check invalid syntax in HTML.  With good syntax, HTML provides good-looking and functional web pages.  With its association to the Java port, JTidy is created with basically the same purpose of cleaning out invalid […]

What is CSS TV?

CSS TV refers to Cascading Tile Sheets that are configured to fit the profile for television. Cascading Tile Sheets is mainly involved in developing web pages in terms of appearance or presentation.  Through CSS, all design elements of a webpage or the whole website may be adjusted and edited without harming the content.  Before CSS […]

What is cfparam?

‘Cfparam’ is a programming tag used in ColdFusion, a Web development platform from Adobe Systems.  ‘CF’ stands for ‘ColdFusion,’ and ‘param’ is short for ‘parameter.’  As a programming tag, cfparam basically searches if a variable or parameter exists.  Once a parameter is found, cfparam will then try to validate it and try to retrieve its […]

What is XHTML?

What is XHTML? XHTML or Extensible Hypertext Markup Language is a “stricter” form of HTML and is actually an application of XML (Extensible Markup Language) which complements HTML by adding more functionality to the codes. While HTML is more concerned with how a webpage looks like, XML complements it by taking care of data transport […]

What is iFrame?

What is iFrame? IFrame is short for inline frame. It is a HTML document that is found inside of another HTML document on websites. It is most common used is to add content from other places to a website. A good example of this would be an advertisement. Some people get it confused with an […]

What is a .CHM File Extension?

What is a .CHM File Extension? Files that have .chm file extensions are generally a set of Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) kind of web pages that have hyperlinked contents. These files are mostly used in HTML help files that come in every software packages given that users who acquire these software programs will be provided […]

What is HTML used for?

What is HTML used for? HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a form of computer language commonly used in creating Internet or webpages. And just like any other computer language, it uses codes and syntax that correspond to a variety of display instructions and applications. Since it is called a markup language, […]

What is HTML?

The internet is today arguably the biggest resource for information, entertainment and communication. It is also the single largest source and venue for business, processing and transactions which are worth billions per every few hours. If there is anything you are looking for it is more than likely to be found on the internet. There […]