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What is LME?

What is LME? LME or Large Marine Ecosystems are literally huge areas in coastal regions and oceans across the globe that reaches about 200,000 square kilometres.  These areas are basically classified as such to give them distinction of their hydrography, population, and diversity.  LMEs are also classified for conservation purposes. The classification system behind LMEs […]

What is Natural Selection?

What is Natural Selection? There is no doubt that the world has changed ever since it came into being. Whether it came from by creation or through the other theories that are advanced, the world is definitely a very different place from its first day of existence. There have been millions of different species that […]

What Is Earth Science?

What Is Earth Science? Earth Science is the study of our planet and our neighbors in space.  Knowledge of the earth is important as it may lead to discoveries of new energy sources.  It may also help predict weather and climate patterns that affect the entire planet.  Many branches of science are used to study […]

What is Polar Amplification?

What is Polar Amplification? Polar amplification is a climate term which means that climate change is happening faster and is more pronounced in the North Pole or the Arctic faster than anywhere else in the world. Polar amplification is caused by a number of things, and it only applies to the North Pole because the […]

What is Ecology?

What is Ecology? ‘“ An Introduction Ecology came from the words eco, which means ‘house’ and logy, which means, ‘study of’. Ecology is defined as a scientific study of living organisms and their relation with each other and their environment. A German scientist named Ernst Haeckel coined the word ecology. Haeckel is not just a […]

What is Geography?

What is Geography? It is not yet clearly defined as an art or science so most scholars prefer to consider it as a combination of both disciplines. Geography is a study that seeks to understand the earth, its features, natural occurrences, natural resources, the environment and the human aspect in all of these. It is […]