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What is a bagua?

What is a bagua? A bagua is a tool used by Feng shui masters and experts in determining the so-called energy of a given space.  Feng shui is a geomancy system used by the Chinese and it is based on the laws of the earth and heavenly bodies.  Through tools like the bagua, experts on […]

What is Amperage?

What is Amperage? Amperage is also referred to as a current. More specifically it is the electrical energy that flows through many different appliances. This electrical energy is usually measured according to the number of AMPS. Besides amperage there are two other types of energy that run through the home. However, amperage is the one […]

What is Kinetic Energy?

What is Kinetic Energy? Kinetic energy is known as the energy in motion. It enables an object to do work in a scientific sense. Applying a force to an object across a distance is an example of work or energy in motion. Pushing your mouse on your computer table means you are applying kinetic energy. […]

What is Physics?

What is Physics? Physics covers a wide range of scientific study and is a complex subject. However, to define the subject ‘“ Physics is the scientific method of understanding matter and energy and how they interact with each other. Physics can be considered as the most fundamental of natural sciences. Is there really a need […]

What is Energy?

Energy can simply be described as the capacity or ability to cause physical change. It is a requirement to achieving anything physically. It does not occur in tangible state but is more of a condition possessed by naturally occurring elements. Energy is measured in joules or ergs and occurs in various forms. A fundamental rule […]