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What is Krypton?

What is Krypton? Krypton is a chemical element that is considered a noble gas similar to Neon. This particular gaseous element has no taste, color, and odor and can only be found in trace amounts in the Earth’s atmosphere or only about one part per million. Because of its scarcity, this element presents difficulty in […]

What is Nitrogen?

What is Nitrogen? Nitrogen is a gaseous element that is abundantly found in the Earth’s atmosphere. This particular element has no taste, odor, or color and is said to be an important component for various living organisms. Nitrogen is part of the air that animals and humans breathe and this chemical element is also part […]

What Is Water?

What Is Water? Being one of the four basic elements for survival, water has played a major part in the continued existence of life in this planet. This actually sets Earth apart from all other planets and has been considered as the only planet capable of sustaining life, up to this very moment. In fact, […]

What is a Pixel?

What is a Pixel? Pixels are small units or dots used in the display of images on a computer screen. One image is composed of thousands or millions of pixels, which are like tiny squares with a specific color on them. Pixel sizes depend on image resolution. The higher the picture resolution, the greater is […]

What is Hydrogen?

What is Hydrogen? Hydrogen is a simple chemical element in which its atom consists only of one proton and one electron. It is a type of gas with no odor and color and is widely abundant across our own universe. It is said to be lightest among all chemical elements when measured at normal temperatures […]

What is Lithium?

What is Lithium? Lithium carries the symbol Li in the periodic table of elements. It is a metal characterized by an exceptionally soft and silver-gray in color. The metal is considered exceptionally reactive and so it is used in a wide range of industrial applications. Industries use Lithium in the form of compounds and alloys. […]

What is Zinc?

What is Zinc? Zinc is a metallic element, with a periodic table of elements symbol Zn and an atomic number of 30. Zinc is also commonly known as spelter. It is widely believed that Zinc was first named by the alchemist Paracelsus (1493-1541) after the Geman word Zinke, meaning ‘sharp or jagged edge’. However, the […]