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What is a JD Degree?

What is a JD Degree? JD stands for “Juris Doctor” and a JD degree is a professional graduate degree in law education. This degree is required from allindividuals who want to practice law. In almost all states in the US, getting this degree would mean admission to the American Bar Association and eventually get a license to […]

What is iTunes U?

What is iTunes U? Apple developed a program called iTunes U to assist with education, which Apple announced May 30, 2007. This program allows universities to distribute content to their university communities and the world. iTunes U content is accessible through an iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac. Content on iTunes U appears in many forms. […]

What Is SXI?

What Is SXI? Up North of Malaysia lies, a Christian school named St. Xavier’s Institution. Despite an Islamic country, a Christian school was successfully built and propagated by the Jesuits. This is found in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. Though the students here are known as Xavierians, the school is known for SXI as its abbreviation. SXI […]

What is Education?

What is Education? Education is a broad concept involving a process or an experience of acquiring information from our external environment. Knowledge and information may be acquired by formal or informal means. Informal education simply refers to knowledge acquired through everyday experiences. A person starts learning as soon as he/she is born. During the early […]

What is a Verb?

What is a Verb? Simply put, a verb is an ‘action word’, meaning it is a part of speech that signifies an action, or things that are done or indicate a state of being. Some samples of verbs are ‘eat’, ‘run’, ‘play’, ‘talk’, and ‘read’. In the sentence ‘Mary swims to get fit’, the action […]

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is a physical science dealing with the composition of matter and how they react to one another. It is said to have been a true science around the 1600s, when the pioneering chemists began the study of the most basic structure of matter, such as elements and compounds. Chemistry is inextricably linked to physics, […]

What is a Thesis?

A thesis is an academic proposition that an individual is seeking to defend through a well-researched and thoughtful process. A thesis is usually applied to persons seeking an academic or professional degree, such as a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. A dissertation is usually a thesis’ equivalent in the doctorate level, however, in many […]

What is Psychology?

What is Psychology? ‘“ The People behind the Study To most students who are about to study psychology, the most common question they ask is ‘What is Psychology?’ The simplest definition of psychology is that it is a study of mind and behavior. The definition may seem simple but psychology is actually a broad subject. […]

What is History?

What is History? ‘“ Learn about Its Popular Areas of Study Anything that has something to do with the study of the past is history. The word was derived from the Greek word ‘historia’ that means knowledge obtained by research or in simple term, ‘inquiry’. The study of history is relevant to the problems of […]

What is Biology?

Biology, quite simply put, is the science and study of life and living organisms. Biology is commonly referred to as the ‘science of life’. The term biology comes from the Greek words ‘bios’ meaning life, and ”“logia’ the study of. Biology is a natural science that deals with the living world; how it is structured, […]

What is Science?

Most people have an understanding of what science has helped mankind achieve, we all know that science has had an impact on every facet of human life. Through science we have understood and been able to make better use of the world and its resources. However not many can competently describe what science is. Science […]