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What is MBKP?

MBKP refers to a backup file created by the Memeo Instant Backup application. As its name suggests, files with the .MBKP extension are instantly made after they have been edited or changed. Memeo is one of many products that offer instant backup and file recovery services for computers and other devices. Whenever this particular program […]

What is mbit?

Mbit is the shortened version of megabit. “Mega” corresponds to 1 million and “bit” represents binary data that is used to store electronic or computerized data. A megabit therefore contains 1 million binary data on various computer software or programs. To simply the idea of bits and mbits or megabits, many computer experts often liken […]

What is FBX format?

FBX refer to proprietary files that belong to Autodesk Technology.  This file started out as a 3D file format for a program called MotionBuilder by the Kaydara group.  By 2006, the FBX file format is acquired by Autodesk and is basically used to allow easy interaction of tools in the 3D or three-dimensional environment. Through […]

What is DCB?

DCB or data center bridging refers to an enhancement technology to existing Ethernet computer networks systems. Ethernet technology is the main technology used for communications or networking between computers. Local area networks in various offices for example are typically configured and setup using Ethernet technology. With enhancement to this technology in the form of DCB […]

What is MLK license?

MLK license refers to a type of software license that is considered as “media less”. In the world of Windows software like operating systems and Office software, the licenses associated with them are labelled with different things including OEM and MLK for example. When a particular software licenses is labelled with MLK, it simply means […]

What is FGR?

FGR refers to file from Fourth Ray Software’s Gift Registry system.  The “F” is for “Fourth Ray Software”, “G” for gift, “S” is for system.  FGR files are created whenever the corresponding software is installed in one’s computer. This is especially applicable for retail shops that avail of the gift registry software service from Fourth […]

What is ISV Certified?

Hardware certification is a common process today. In this process, computer hardware is tested and its compatibility with certain software packages is detected.  Since the prices of hardware devices are falling at an increasingly quick pace, big enterprises like Novell, Sun Microsystems and Cisco no longer manufacture devices. In fact, they usually certify or license […]

What is MUI StartMenu application?

The MUI StartMenu application refers to an executable file that belongs to various product groups under CyberLink. Whenever a computer is installed with a Cyber Link-labelled product like its popular DVD Suite for example, this particular file will automatically be installed in one’s computer. CyberLink is a company based in Taiwan with a wide range […]

What is BCWipe?

BCWipe is an application that is able to permanently erase or delete files that run on one’s computer.  It is classified as a form of data erasure utility that works with computers that run on Windows, Mac OS X, and UNIX.  Created and developed by Jetico Inc. Oy, BCWipe is of commercial and military-grade.  With […]

What is cdrom.sys?

Cdrom.sys refers to a driver file that is part of Microsoft Windows.  As its names suggests, cdrom.sys basically helps support the “CD-ROM” or compact disc read-only-memory functionality of the computer.  For computers with so-called CD-ROM drives, driver files like cdrom.sys are needed for the CD and related media to be played and read correctly and […]

What is klugy?

‘Klugy’ or ‘kluge’ is a term used by many people to refer to an often unwarranted and temporary solution to a computer-related problem.  When a person, for example, is experiencing problems with a computer database, he/she may opt for a “klugy” shortcut to the problem and do some repairs or data retrieval in some other […]

What is FCPMS.exe?

What is FCPMS.exe? FCPMS.exe refers to an executable file that is part of the Freecom Personal Media Suite.  This file is a non-system process that typically runs in the background while a person is using his/her computer.  Freecom is a German company that offers a variety of computer accessories and peripherals.  Products of Freecom include: […]

What is SDLC?

What is SDLC? SDLC or Systems Development Life Cycle refers to the phases involved in software development.  Before a particular system or software is rolled out for the use of target customers, it undergoes several stages to ensure that goals are reached and needs are met.  In some cases, the phases involved in SDLC involve […]

What is a fdisk?

What is a fdisk? FDisk is short for “fixed disk” and it refers to a command used when someone wants to make a partition or division on his/her computer operating system.  Through the fdisk command, one may separate disk spaces depending on preferences and requirements.  A specific disk space could be allocated for various program […]

What is APC Powerchute?

What is APC Powerchute? APC Powerchute refers to a computer program developed by American Power Conversion.  This program was created by the company for the purpose of automating the control of the UPS units which they also manufacture. UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply units are very important to have during power outages or system breakdowns. […]

What is gof?

What is gof? Gof refers to an executable file that runs on Windows operating systems starting from Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, and up to the present version which is Windows 7.  The gof file or gof.exe was first discovered back in 2008 from South Georgia.  In 2009, a similar file was discovered to have […]

What is MPIO?

What is MPIO? MPIO is a term used in the computer industry and it refers to multipath I/O. It is specifically designed to handle data storage and fetching from various storage devices using multiple paths. This computer storage feature comes as part of Windows Server 2008 and is aimed at improving overall computer performance. With […]