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What is KEC?

KEC is an Indian company that specializes in manufacturing electrical transmission towers and providing communications infrastructure not only in India but to several countries around the world. KEC is officially known as KEC International Limited and as manufacturer of electrical transmission towers, this company is considered the second largest in the world. KEC started out […]

What is a DuPont analysis?

What is a DuPont analysis? ‘DuPont analysis’ refers to a formula that measures a company’s financial performance in terms of ROE or ‘return on equity.’  Its name comes from DuPont Corporation which is credited for creating and using the performance formula. Based on the DuPont analysis formula, a company’s ROE performance is mainly affected by […]

What is an AQSIQ license?

An AQSIQ license refers to the certification issued by the General Admission of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China to foreign suppliers of scrap or waste goods and materials.  Before a foreign company can export waste goods to China, it must first get an AQSIQ license.  This particular license or […]

What is CNF in IRCTC?

The IRCTC, or Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation, is a company that is involved with tourism, catering, and online ticketing services for the parent organization, Indian Railways, which is a state-owned enterprise that operates a huge network of railways across India.  ‘CNF,’ meanwhile, refers to a ‘confirmed’ status for passenger bookings that are made online. […]

What is a Maquiladora?

What is a Maquiladora? A maquiladora refers to a company that operates in Mexico for the manufacture of certain goods. What differentiates it from the usual company setup is that this type of company is subject to special rules when it comes to the import and export of goods. Under Mexico’s “maquila program”, companies may […]

What is OPNET?

What is OPNET? OPNET stands for Optimized Engineering Tools, a graduate project for a course in networking at MIT by Alain Cohen, his brother Marc Cohen, and classmate Steven Baraniuk. Later on, these three guys agreed to make the networking software “commercial” and so the company OPNET Technologies, Inc. was born in 1986. Today OPNET, […]

What is TNB?

What is TNB? TNB refers to Tenaga Nasional Berhad. This company is situated in Southeast Asia which boasts of its 69.9 billion MYR worth of overall assets. Moreover, it is considered the largest electric and utility company in Malaysia. Tenaga Nasional Berhad or TNB primarily serves up to 7 million electric consumers ranging from the […]

What Is JG?

What Is JG? If you are a big fan of airsoft guns and gaming, by now, you must really be curious as to what company can provide you with all your needs. Look nowhere else for you can find the best airsoft guns from JG. JG stands for Jing Gong. This company is actually known […]

What does CEO mean?

What does CEO mean? CEO means Chief Executive Officer. It is the highest position in a particular organization. For many companies, their CEOs represent the face of the entire organization. Over the years, the position of CEO is associated with leadership, power, prestige, and big financial payoffs. Many of today’s companies take advantage of the […]

What is Investment Banking?

What is Investment Banking? Helping companies to acquire more funds is often called as investment banking. Moreover, it not only deals with extending monetary aid, but also recommends guidance on an extensive range of operations a business might take on. Typically, banks take on either investment banking or commercial banking. Commercial banking is characterized by […]

What is OEM?

What is OEM? ‘“ Few Facts on OEM Products People often hear the word OEM. What does OEM stand for? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Oftentimes, OEM is mistaken for a company that has exclusive affinity with computer producers. In fact, OEM sells its product to another company for resale. The reseller company will […]