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What is a CDX index?

CDX is short for credit derivative index and it is part of a group of indices called CDS or credit default swap. Under CDS, the index that covers various emerging markets and existing credit markets in North America is the CDX. Companies that are based in other countries like those in Europe or Asia for […]

What is guest relations?

Guest relations refer to guest-oriented services in the hospitality industry. When one is working in a hotel or cruise ship for example, he/she may be tasked to serve guests with their various needs including room reservations, travel and tour arrangements among others. Guest relations staff and officers are typically part of a company’s front-office personnel […]

What is ITM agent?

What is ITM agent? ‘ITM agent’ is short for ‘IBM Tivoli Monitoring agent,’ and it refers to a system and business solution that enables companies and large enterprises to literally monitor various activities in a particular network.  These activities may include the health of the company server along with how various applications are used and […]

What is amortization expense?

What is amortization expense? ‘Amortization expense’ refers to the expense paid by individuals or companies for something over a specified period of time.  In simple terms, amortization expenses are what people owe others, and these are to be paid through regular installments for a specified period or number of months or years instead of giving […]

What is Ariba?

What is Ariba? Ariba is a software company in the US involved in providing online procurement services for companies in various industries. Founded in 1996, Ariba is considered one of the pioneers in internet business to business transactions. Through Ariba’s software technology, companies are basically given an easier way to purchase things over the internet. […]

What is HRIS?

What is HRIS? HRIS stands for Human Resource Management System.  It refers to a form of tracking system that can be used by human resource departments in almost every aspect or industry.  Through the use of information systems and technology, the HRIS is able to run human resource-related functions smoothly and effectively.  As for many […]

What is DMR in Cognos?

What is DMR in Cognos? DMR is a modelling technique from Cognos.  DMR stands for Dimensionally Modelled Relational and Cognos refers to the developer of various software involving business intelligence.  Cognos is also considered a big name in the field of business intelligence providing various tools for large companies and enterprises.  Now under the IBM […]

What is APC Powerchute?

What is APC Powerchute? APC Powerchute refers to a computer program developed by American Power Conversion.  This program was created by the company for the purpose of automating the control of the UPS units which they also manufacture. UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply units are very important to have during power outages or system breakdowns. […]