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What is CNOR?

CNOR is a national certification for peri-operative nurses.  In order to get such certification, nurses must be able to pass the corresponding exam.  As a certification, CNOR basically compliments a nurses’ credentials in terms of his/her knowledge and skills in the peri-operative field.  CNOR certified nurses are often referred to as highest quality service-providers for […]

What is INA certification?

‘INA certification’ refers to certification issued by the International Nanny Association.  For nannies in the U.S. and in other parts of the world, they may seek INA certification in order to help prove their knowledge, competency, and skills to their prospective employers.  Although getting a certification from INA is not required or mandatory, having it […]

What is an FNP nurse?

What is an FNP nurse? An FNP nurse, or Family Nurse Practitioner, is a person that is licensed or certified to practice as a nurse practitioner in the special field of Family Medicine.  FNP nurses may also specialize in common areas like pediatrics or geriatrics depending on their preferences and qualifications.  In most states in […]

What is HNC equivalent to?

What is HNC equivalent to? ‘HNC’ refers to the ‘Higher National Certificate,’ a type of certification for people who may want to get a degree or higher education in the U.K.  Having a Higher National Certificate is equivalent to a Level 4 course or the first year of a standard bachelor’s degree.  When one has […]

What is an AQSIQ license?

An AQSIQ license refers to the certification issued by the General Admission of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China to foreign suppliers of scrap or waste goods and materials.  Before a foreign company can export waste goods to China, it must first get an AQSIQ license.  This particular license or […]

What is a CFI?

What is a CFI? A CFI refers to a “certified” flight instructor. It is the title given to flight instructors who passed standard qualification and certification requirements that are specific to a country or jurisdiction. In simple terms, those that get to be CFIs are allowed by law to teach and give trainings that relate […]

What is PTCB?

What is PTCB? PTCB stands for Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. It has the main objective to develop, promote, maintain and administer high quality programs for certification and recertification of professionals in this field. It provides first-rate courses, programs and services that deliver opportunity to pharmacy technicians for knowledge mastery and skill enhancements for their practice […]

What is PHR Certification?

What is PHR Certification? PHR or Professional in Human Resources certification is a requirement if you want to work on the Human Resources field. This is a necessity for the expansion of your knowledge in this particular industry. It is what you need to advance your professional career. The certification is basically offered by the […]