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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Introduction: Marketing is the main element for a business to run successfully. The launch of a product not alone helps you to get maximum profit; rather its promotion is equally necessary. How you promote a product among consumers or what marketing strategies you use, all depends upon the type of marketing you use for your […]

What is CGL insurance?

CGL insurance refers to Commercial General Liability insurance policies that are applicable to businesses, whether big or small. This type of insurance basically helps protect business owners from possible lawsuits wherein there is bodily injury involved or when there is damage in one’s property. This type of insurance basically gives protection to a business in […]

What is free enterprise?

Free enterprise refers to an economic system that allows people to create and conduct business in order to make a profit from it and without too much meddling from the government in terms of business practice rules and regulations.  The main feature of a free enterprise economy is that businesses are allowed to compete with […]

What is ITM agent?

What is ITM agent? ‘ITM agent’ is short for ‘IBM Tivoli Monitoring agent,’ and it refers to a system and business solution that enables companies and large enterprises to literally monitor various activities in a particular network.  These activities may include the health of the company server along with how various applications are used and […]

What is a CRM database?

‘CRM database’ refers to a database of various information that is collected through CRM or Customer Relationship Management.  With a CRM database, various companies and organizations will be able to acquire various information and details about clients and customers. This information may include: details regarding customers’ purchases, customer demographics, the average amount of purchases, and […]

What is DMR in Cognos?

What is DMR in Cognos? DMR is a modelling technique from Cognos.  DMR stands for Dimensionally Modelled Relational and Cognos refers to the developer of various software involving business intelligence.  Cognos is also considered a big name in the field of business intelligence providing various tools for large companies and enterprises.  Now under the IBM […]

What is EOQ Inventory?

What is EOQ Inventory? EOQ stands for “Economic Order Quantity” and it refers the best level of inventory that a company can have in relation to costs and expenses that nthis same company shoulders in terms of production, inventory holding, demand rate, and other production variables. When quantifying EOQ, it basically points to how much […]

What is Branding?

What is Branding? When it comes to business, people will definitely notice that each venture has its own distinct trading name. Even the smallest businesses have their own trading names. On the other hand, only a few managed to have their own brand or brand name. To marketers, advertisers and serious business owners, branding is […]

What is Cost of Capital?

What is cost of capital? Cost of capital is the expected return to project investors after providing funds for a particular business venture. In a business setup, the end goal always is to earn some profit from any activity or investment. If a business wants to spend on a new project using capital, it expects […]

What is Net Income?

What is Net Income? When a business or individual have been involved in commercial undertakings, they will at the end of the day have some earnings. These earnings will however have several obligations that attach to them and will not wholly belong to the business or individual. In financial terms, these earnings are known as […]

What is Amazon?

What is Amazon? Amazon happens to be a very popular name for those who are in businesses. There are very many Amazon businesses around the world with one of the biggest being the amazon.com website which is an online retail e-commerce company. There have also been movies, TV shows and documentaries made and named Amazon. […]

What is PayPal?

What is PayPal? ‘“ PayPal 101 If you are a person, who always go online it is possible you know or hear about PayPal. PayPal is known worldwide for it is the world’s most popular online payment system. It is a widely used intermediary service for online purchasing. Millions of internet users are using PayPal […]

What is OEM?

What is OEM? ‘“ Few Facts on OEM Products People often hear the word OEM. What does OEM stand for? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Oftentimes, OEM is mistaken for a company that has exclusive affinity with computer producers. In fact, OEM sells its product to another company for resale. The reseller company will […]

What is Capitalism?

What is Capitalism? ‘“ The History Capitalism has been dominant since the 19th and 20th century. It has long been in existence and it is all about business for profit. Capitalism is defined as an economic system where business or firms are owned privately by individuals rather than the government. Capitalists exist to earn money […]

What is ERP?

What is ERP? ‘“ An Introduction ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and it is an integrated computer-based application that helps integrate information between all business functions. It is usually used by organization to process information systematically between departments. The idea of ERP started out from the MRP, a system used by organizations in manufacturing […]

What is a Short Sale?

What is a Short Sale? Due to many borrowers falling behind on mortgage payments following the recession, a short sale has become a popular option that saves financial institution the unpleasant work of forcing people out of their homes through foreclosures and also offering borrowers an option to avoid bankruptcy. In times of economic decline […]

What is Marketing?

What is Marketing? Marketing is the discipline employed by individuals or businesses (mostly businesses) with the aim of attracting customers to itself. Marketing can pertain to a product or a service. In some settings as in a competitive industry that deals with employing people (Human resources, outsourcing companies) a specialized recruitment marketing exists. Marketing is […]

What is ISO?

What is ISO? The International Organization for Standards commonly known as ISO was formed in 1947 as a non governmental body that was given the mandate to formulate international industrial and commercial standards. With its headquarters in Geneva Switzerland the organization has a membership of more that 160 nations from around the world. Member countries […]

What is Economics?

Everyday there is talk of the economy either improving or declining, big and small economies, emerging economies and so much more. We all have a vague idea of what all this means but to be able to truly understand this economy talk we must begin by understanding what economics is all about. Economics is the […]