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What are Lupins?

What are Lupins? Lupins are plants that belong to the Fabaceae legume family. This particular plant is said to have about 280 species and varieties with much of them found in the southern and western parts of the North American continent. It is said to be cultivated as early as 2000 years ago with probable […]

What are Gourds?

What are Gourds? Gourds refer to the plants or fruits of the Cucurbitaceae family that includes pumpkins, melons, and squashes. Some people also refer to the dried fruit shell of these plants as gourds. There are a lot of specifies for the gourd family but most come from “calabash” or African bottle gourd, a variety […]

What is Fennel Bulb?

What is Fennel Bulb? A fennel is a plant species that has yellow flowers and feather-like leaves. Before, this is commonly found in the Mediterranean shores. These days, it can also be found in areas with dry soils located near seacoasts or on riverbanks. At some parts of the world, people can find them on […]

What is Botany?

What is Botany? Science is one of the widest subjects of interest to man. In order to effectively study science, there has been a need to divide it into various fields and disciplines. When it comes to the study of living things, scientists decided to begin by separating the study of plants and that of […]

What is Monoceous?

What is Monoceous? Monoceous is a commonly misspelled word for Monoicous or monoecious, a term that describes a plant’s reproductive organ in botany. Monoicous refers to a plant that has both sperm producing and egg producing reproductive organs, which means that it can reproduce by itself without the need for a partner plant. This attribute […]

What is Diceous?

What is Diceous? Diceous is a commonly misspelled word for the term dioecious, a term in botany. Dioecious describes a plant that has only one reproductive organ, either a male flower or a female flower. This means that dioecious plants need a partner plant with the opposite gamete producing flower in order to bear fruit. […]

What is Dill?

What is Dill? Dill is a plant native to the southern parts of Russia, the Mediterranean, and western parts of Africa. Its leaves and seeds are used as food seasoning and are known to have medicinal properties. The word “dill” comes from “dilla”, an Old Norse word which means “to lull”. Scientifically know as “Anethum […]