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What is a Mosaic?

What is a Mosaic? Mosaic is a type of art that involves creating a pattern from small objects like glass, shells, tiles, stones, and other materials. The early techniques used small objects that are available in different colors to make a shape or a pattern. But to add more color into a mosaic art form, […]

What is Embroidery?

What is Embroidery? Embroidery refers to the technique of making patterns and shapes onto pieces of fabric with the use of a needle, threads, and/or yarn. It is also considered to be a handicraft or an art form since it involves the creation of various designs with multiple colors. Others may opt for limited and […]

What is Genre?

What is Genre? Genre refers to the term used in categorizing pieces of literature, art, or culture. The categories or classes involve may contain a certain technique, content, or style which make them different from one another. The word “genre” has the same spelling in French and means “sort” or “kind”. In Greek terms, the […]

What is Zoo York?

What is Zoo York? Zoo York simply refers to the social philosophy as well as the style which is basically a product of the New York City subculture graffiti art. This concept is inspired by the said art particularly in the 1970s. The expression was originally coined and derived from the subway tunnel that runs […]

What is Villanelle Poetry?

What is Villanelle Poetry? Villanelle is a form of poetry, which has joined the English poetry during the 19th century from the replication of French models. Villanelle is an expression derived from the term ‘Villano’ which is an Italian word that means peasant. Villanelle is originally known as a song created for dance, which is […]

What is Graphic Design?

What is Graphic Design? Graphic design is basically defined as the creative process or practice of combining graphics, texts and other formal characteristics and qualities of fine arts. This method is done through audience-centered approach. In most cases, it is used in the marketing industry to create the effective and necessary visual communications. However, unlike […]