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What is AirPlay?

AirPlay is a media-streaming feature offered in various Apple products and other compatible devices.  Through AirPlay, music files, photos, and videos may be wirelessly streamed to other compatible devices. The best thing about AirPlay is that it does not need an internet connection to be able to stream media to other AirPlay-capable devices.  As long […]

What is retina display?

Retina display refers to the image pixel density of various Apple products. Many of Apple’s devices have been marketed to have retina displays in which the screens have a pixel density of more than 300 pixels per inch. In terms of pixel density, the human eye is said to be able to detect up to […]

What is a Fuji apple?

What is a Fuji apple? A Fuji apple is a hybrid apple variety that was developed in Japan.  Although many people think of Fuji apples as being named after Japan’s Mount Fuji, its name is actually borrowed from “Fujisaki” the town location of the research facility that created this apple variety.  Fuji apples were created […]

What does AFP stand for?

What does AFP stand for? AFP stands for Apple Filing Protocol, a type of network protocol developed by Apple Computers to allow users to share files with other people connected to a particular network. This protocol can be applied to computers running on the older Mac OS and the more recent Mac OS X. Under […]

What is iTunes Ping?

What is iTunes Ping? iTunes Ping is Apple’s version of social networking which is integrated with their music applications service, iTunes. This new feature of iTunes was released to the public in September 2010 along with other Apple products like the new Apple TV and new iPod version. iTunes Ping is targeting the social networking […]

What is WWDC 2010?

What is WWDC 2010? WWDC 2010 is the World Wide Developers Conference for the year 2010 initiated and sponsored by Apple. This conference is the gathering of web developers who authored and created different software, programs and services exclusively used by the Apple company. It includes developed programs and software services for Apple products such […]

What is IPSW?

What is IPSW? ITunes is Apple Application digital media software that organizes music and videos. This connects and synchs IPad, IPhones, and IPhone Touch in your computer. ITunes and mostly all Apple supported Hardwares uses IPSW file format. IPSW or commonly known as IPhone/IPad/IPod Software contains set of information and data that is used by […]

What is DMG file?

What is DMG file? Most computer users, especially those who use Apple computers may already encountered a DMG file. What is this DMG file? Apple Inc., a computer company, created this DMG file. DMG file is intended for users dealing with Mac operating system. DMG is a disc image file. To have a clearer picture […]

What is iAtkos?

What is iAtkos? iAtkos is one of the build of Mac Operating System which can be installed in non Apple hardware. It is a Leopard non-Apple Hardware Operating System. It’s fully patched and there is no need to download patches and updates from internet. iAtkos can be considered as an emulated clone of MAC Operating […]

What is Bonjour?

What is Bonjour? Bonjour is a networking technology from Apple, Inc. where devices, computers, and services on IP networks are automatically detected or located.  It involves zero-configuration networking wherein there is no need to enter IP addresses or configure DNS servers in locating devices in a particular network.  It works with both wired and wireless […]