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What is double clutching?

Double clutching is a gear-changing technique for some manual transmission cars. For newer cars of today, most are built with synchronized manual transmission systems and only require a single clutch technique to change between gears. In the case of older vehicles for example, some require the double clutching technique which basically adds one more step […]

What is Hibachi?

Hibachi is a Japanese term that refers to a traditional unique heating device that uses charcoal as its main source of fire. To hold the charcoal, it is designed in a cylindrical or box-shaped topped container that is braced with heatproof materials. It works like a stove and comes in a variety of colors. Its […]

What is Vsync?

Vsync is the short version of Vertical Synchronization. Vsync basically refers to an execution option of a video card. This option helps prevent a video card from shifting its display memory till the ongoing refresh cycle on the monitor is completed. Application of vsync matches the executing engine to the monitor’s extreme refresh rate. This […]

What is Audacity?

Introduction: Audacity is one of the most popular audio editor as well as recording software that do also happen to be multilingual. Since it is an open source software, it is available in a number of different versions. Anything even slightly related to recording or editing audio files can be formed conveniently using Audacity. The […]

What is Hub?

A hub refers to a central point where devices in the same network are connected. Usually, hubs have several ports and are used to like potions of a local area network. This enables copying of data packets to all connected ports so that segments linked to the network can view the packets. Switches and hubs […]

What is GMJ?

GMJ stands for “gilded metal jacket” and refers to the metal cover or casing for bullets.  Standard bullets typically have softer cores that are made of lead. When a metal casing is used to protect the softer core, the bullets are said to increase their muzzle velocity.  In the case of GMJ, the metal casing […]

What is CWDM fiber?

CWDM fiber refers to a type of fiber-optic technology that uses Coarse wavelength-division multiplexing.  Using CWDM fibers has increasingly become popular since its introduction in the 1980s especially among cable networks systems and telecommunications companies.  Through the multiplexing technology, more optical carrier signals can be accommodated using only one optical fiber or the so-called CWDM […]

What is AYC fluid?

AYC stands for Active Yaw Control, a feature in engines that provide an active-type of differential as the engine torque is transferred between the wheels. With this feature, automobiles are said to increase their grip on the road. In order to keep this feature in order, a special fluid is needed by cars with AYC. […]

What is a JWT Pop Charger?

What is a JWT Pop Charger? A JWT Pop Charger refers to a short ram aftermarket air intake system produced by JWT or Jim Wolf Technology.  These particular air intake systems are called Pop Chargers because they basically boost the performance of cars that run on internal combustion engines.  JWT, or Jim Wolf Technology, is […]

What is a DSG gearbox?

DSG gearboxes refer to direct-shift gearboxes that have a dual-clutch transmission system without the standard clutch pedal.  A DSG gearbox can also be operated as a fully automatic clutch system or semi-manual gearbox.  DSG gearboxes can be found in so-called automatic cars, and it allows for easier gear shifting when compared to other transmission systems. […]

What is GVWR?

What is GVWR? GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating refers to the maximum amount of weight that a particular vehicle can hold.  Manufactures of vehicles like trucks and trailers use GVWR to inform people of how much weight the actual vehicle can carry at any given time.  The weight measured here includes the actual weight […]

What is VW DSG?

What is VW DSG? VW DSG refers to Volkswagen’s Direct-Shift Gearbox system which was designed by BorgWarner and initially launched on production cars in 2003. The DSG system involves a dual-clutch technology with multiple shafts on the manual gearbox. This particular system works as one unit with “full” or “semi” automatic control. It is said […]

What is VTEC?

What is VTEC? VTEC stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control. It involves mechanical and electrical components of a particular valvetrain system developed for Honda car engines. Its basic concept involves two profiles for the camshaft setup in which the VTEC system is able to electronically choose either camshaft with increased efficiency. This […]

What is TCS in cars?

What is TCS in cars? TCS in cars refer to the “Traction Control System”, and it involves a system that provides the car more traction or road grip even when the car is accelerating and/or taking a corner. Basically, a TCS system aims to prevent wheel spin in conditions wherein the car is moving fast. […]

What Exactly is SWL and WLL?

What Exactly is SWL and WLL? The working load limit or WLL, the safe working load or SWL as well as lowest and highest rated loads discussed the definition of safe working load. The SWL has been the premise associated with engineering, specifically intended for weight transporting machines, for several years. It had been typically […]

What is Fuel Injection?

What is Fuel Injection? Fuel injection is the process of introducing fuel to an engine’s cylinder by means of a pump or atomizer. This process of injecting fuel was originally applied on diesel engines because diesel fuels are more viscous and are difficult to put in the cylinders with the presence of compressed air. In […]

What is DOHC?

What does DOHC mean? DOHC or Double Overhead Camshaft refers to the car engine’s valve train with two camshafts. This valve train layout or configuration is common in cars today, replacing the previous version – SOHC or Single Overhead Camshaft. Engines with the DOHC layout are said to generate more power and increase fuel efficiency. […]

What is Cryogenic Engine?

What is Cryogenic Engine? A cryogenic engine is an engine that is designed to run on liquid fuels that require extremely low temperatures to remain liquid. Cryogenics is the study of extremely low temperatures and its effect on the materials that it is applied to. When the gases used on a cryogenic engine are stored […]

What is MMT Transmission?

What is MMT Transmission? MMT Transmission or Multimode Manual Transmission is offered by Toyota Company. MMT Transmission is a sequential manual transmission that makes use of the conventional manual transmission. However, the clutch is controlled electronically. Multimode Manual Transmission should not be mistaken as the same as the Multimode Automatic Transmission. MMT Transmission cars are […]

What is Die Cutting?

What is Die Cutting? Die cutting is a process commonly used in the paper and plastic industry to create different shapes out of several sheets.  The purpose of which is for mass production.  Machines are made to cut through sheets of paper or plastic and form various shapes and sizes, and in large quantities. In […]

What is a Two Stroke Engine?

The creation of the engine was a big step in powering a lot of what we need to do. The engine has greatly impacted the way we power our day to day lives. Over the years, engines have gradually evolved and today we have the four stroke internal combustion engine as well as the diesel […]