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What are location services on iPhone 4S?

Location services on mobile phones such as the iPhone 4S helps approximate the location of the mobile phone user when he/she uses certain applications like the Maps feature for example. Many so-called smartphones like the iPhone 4S are now equipped with a GPS or Global Positioning System that can give location information regarding the user. […]

What is cozi?

Cozi is a mobile phone application that allows any family organizer that is owned and developed by Android. It is a free mobile application that is also available for iPhone users, also for free. For Android phones, Cozi can run on phones that run on Android 2.1 and above. It can be downloaded from various […]

What is Magic Lantern?

Magic Lantern refers to a firmware add-on which was created by Trammell Hudson in 2009. This was originally made for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and in July 2010, was ported to the 550D/T2i/Kiss X4 by the same person. Today, there are different versions of Magic Lantern for Canon DSLRs and the developer of […]

What is airplane mode?

Airplane mode refers to a setting in mobile phones and devices that blocks the network or cellular signals so users are unable to make voice calls or send and receive SMS or text messages.  By setting a cellular phone to airplane mode, the cellular or network signal will be lost but users will still be […]

What is AirPlay?

AirPlay is a media-streaming feature offered in various Apple products and other compatible devices.  Through AirPlay, music files, photos, and videos may be wirelessly streamed to other compatible devices. The best thing about AirPlay is that it does not need an internet connection to be able to stream media to other AirPlay-capable devices.  As long […]

What is ALPR?

ALPR stands for Automatic License Plate Recognition and it refers to a camera and optical imaging technology wherein vehicle license plates can easily be recognized whether they are stationary or moving.  Using cameras that are mounted on fixed points such as lamp posts or street signs, the license or number plates of vehicles nearby may […]

What is Wii U?

Wii U refers to the latest generation of game console from Nintendo.  Released in late 2012, Wii U is considered the first brand of game consoles that is able to handle and feature HD or high-definition graphics.  Gaming console enthusiasts have lauded this new product from Nintendo because of its new features including the all-new […]

What is retina display?

Retina display refers to the image pixel density of various Apple products. Many of Apple’s devices have been marketed to have retina displays in which the screens have a pixel density of more than 300 pixels per inch. In terms of pixel density, the human eye is said to be able to detect up to […]

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass refers to the wearable and computerized eyeglasses developed by Google through their Project Glass initiative. Google Glass allows access to online information similar to that of smart phones only this time the information is given through the wearable eyewear.  Its main feature is its hands-free and voice command feature to make the eyewear […]

What is a smart TV?

Smart TVs are basically modern television sets that have computer-like or computer-based functions.  There is no real definition on what smart TVs should have in terms of features but most TVs today that are marketed as smart television sets have functionalities and features similar to computers.  Standard television sets basically allow the viewing of several […]

What is MTK platform?

MTK platform refers to the mobile chipset or platform developed by MediaTek Inc. of Taiwan. Originally famous for being a fabless semiconductor-based company, MediaTek has increasingly become popular in the wireless phone industry with its so-called MTK platform. This mobile platform basically works more like a true personal computer because it is able to integrate […]

What is DLNA on Droid X?

Droid X is one many mobile phones from the Motorola brand.  It features a big screen that measures 4.3 inches and is able to display high-resolution images and high-definition videos.  It is also packed with hardware that is designed for a great multimedia experience.  Droid X is marketed towards people who want a slim design […]

What is a BSI Sensor?

What is a BSI Sensor? A BSI or back side-illuminated sensor is used by the digital cameras of today to provide more light when projecting a particular image. The configuration of the imaging elements of this type of image sensor is especially helpful when capturing images in low-light conditions. The main technology behind BSI Sensors […]

What is Samsung Kies?

What is Samsung Kies? Kies refers to a program incorporated in various Samsung devices for them to be able to interact with each other. It is offered as a freeware by Samsung and it is downloadable through its global download portal. This software need OS support from either Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. One […]

What is iXtreme LT?

What is iXtreme LT? iXtreme LT or iXtreme Lite Touch is a software that allows users and/or owners of Microsoft’s XBox 360 to “flash” their DVD drives. Flashing is a term used in the gaming and tech world to refer to some form of alteration done to the DVD drives in order for them to […]

What is an EF-S Lens?

What is an EF-S Lens? EF-S lenses or “electofocus-shortback focus” lenses are lenses made by Canon for its DLSR (digital single lens reflex) camera range. It is a variation to their existing EF lens range and basically produces the same result when it comes to images it is able to produce. EFS or EF-S lenses […]

What is Ejector?

What is Ejector? Ejector is an executable file that belongs to the CD Ejector application of GadgetWare. This file works for the Windows 95 version of operating system. It usually installs into a person’s computer through other software or applications. Although this file does not have a security rating, many consider it to be a […]

What is PSP Tube?

What is PSP Tube? PSP tube refers to the homebrew application which is primarily designed to view and play videos from YouTube straight to your portable play station device. Thus, if you are a junkie of this world-renowned and highly used video website, this application is a must-know and must-have. How do you use this […]

What is an Unlocked iPhone?

What is an Unlocked iPhone? An unlocked iPhone basically refers to a tampered iPhone that is previously “locked” to work only under a specific mobile network provider. Like in the case of AT&T in the US, they have gained exclusive rights to be the mobile network provider for iPhone devices and so these devices are […]

What is iTunes U?

What is iTunes U? Apple developed a program called iTunes U to assist with education, which Apple announced May 30, 2007. This program allows universities to distribute content to their university communities and the world. iTunes U content is accessible through an iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac. Content on iTunes U appears in many forms. […]

What is Jigsawing?

What is Jigsawing? Jigsawing is using a jigsaw power tool to cut wood, metal, vinyl, or other materials. The jigsaw, unlike many other power saws, can cut curves and shapes or nearly any type’”even from the center of the material. While the depth of cut is generally only up to 2 inches deep for wood, […]

What is TDD/TTY?

What is TDD/TTY? TDD stands for “telecommunications device for the deaf” and TTY refers to a “teletypewriter”. Both terms are synonymous with each other and refer to a device that basically looks like a typewriter and is intended to help deaf and/or mute persons communicate with each other and with other people. The TDD/TTY machine […]

What is AOSP?

What is AOSP? The abbreviation AOSP has actually gotten more and more popular these days. This stands for Android Open Source Project. This is a program wherein the applications of developers run on different types of devices. Well, it is therefore important that you know more about AOSP since they will also show you how […]

What is MWC?

What is MWC? On February 14 through 17, 2011, around 60,000 people flocked to Fira de Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain to celebrate the year’s Mobile World Congress. According to MWC website, this year’s attendance was biggest and best mobile world conference so far. Moreover, the MWC website claimed that it was attended by more outstanding CEOs […]

What is IPSW?

What is IPSW? ITunes is Apple Application digital media software that organizes music and videos. This connects and synchs IPad, IPhones, and IPhone Touch in your computer. ITunes and mostly all Apple supported Hardwares uses IPSW file format. IPSW or commonly known as IPhone/IPad/IPod Software contains set of information and data that is used by […]

What is iPod Disk Mode?

What is iPod Disk Mode? iPoD Disk Mode is an option given to iPoD owners and users to use their music and/or media player as a storage device. This means that the iPod can serve as an external hard drive or flash disk for storing and transferring files other than music or media files. Other […]

What is a Pedometer?

What is a Pedometer? A pedometer is basically a device that could count the steps of a particular individual. Some of these devices are electronic while some combine mechanical and electronic parts. Pedometers usually try to detect movement on the hip area while a person is walking. Some pedometers have a generic or pre-encoded stride […]

What is EMC storage?

What is EMC storage? EMC storage refers to the various storage devices and technologies developed by EMC, said to be the industry leader in storage market and technologies. Various storage systems developed by this company over the years have become increasingly efficient, simpler and yet so powerful making them the choice for many businesses and […]

What is HTC Footprints?

What is HTC Footprints? HTC Footprints is an automatic location-based logger application on HTC mobile phones. It is geo-tagging software which enables you to create a diary of places of events. It saves the photo of the location, its address or specific location, its exact coordinates, time, date and even a phone number. You can […]

What is a GSM phone?

What is a GSM phone? GSM phone refers to mobile phones that use the technology called GSM or Global System for Mobile Communications. These phones are said to be 2G or second generation phones wherein data is handled digitally. It is said that most of the world’s mobile phones use GSM technology. This allows for […]

What is a PVR?

What is a PVR? PVR or personal video recorders are devices that enable a person to record videos in digital format. These devices may come in the form of handheld media player units or “stand-alone” devices. And since the video format saved is digital, these devices may also be called DVRs or digital video recorders. […]

What does HTC mean?

What does HTC mean? HTC is a mobile phone company established in 1997 by Cher Wang and Peter Chou. HTC or High Tech Computer Corporation first ventured in the mobile phone and handheld device markets in Taiwan. Its first venture was a combination of a mobile phone and a personal data assistant. But the first […]

What is Aperture?

What is Aperture? Literally, aperture means opening, a crack, hole, gap, space, slit or orifice. However, when it comes to photography, aperture means a bit different. Photography describes aperture as to the amount of light a camera admits. A camera man can adjust the aperture manually. On the other hand, a camera can also adjust […]

What is a HTC phone?

What is a HTC phone? HTC phones are among the world’s best-loved mobile phones in terms of design and innovation. These phones are manufactured by the HTC or “High Tech Computer” Corporation based in Taiwan. HTC originally started making generic mobile devices for use by telecommunications operators like T-Mobile and Orange. A generic base or […]

What is EDGE?

What is EDGE? Nowadays, the use of cellular phones in accessing the Internet is widely used. Wireless network technology has improved a lot in terms of speed and availability of coverage. EDGE is a 2G network and one of the significant developments in wireless network technologies. EDGE is an acronym used for Enhanced Data GSM […]

What is MagicJack?

What is MagicJack? Magicjack is a computer peripheral that can provide internet based phone services over the internet or voice over IP (VoIP) to the US and Canada. Magicjack is a USB device that can be plugged into the computer. On the other end of the device is a standard RJ-11 telephone jack that can […]

What is Flash Memory?

What is Flash Memory? Flash memory is a memory chip commonly found in small and portable electronic gadgets of today. It can handle data storage without the need of a power source. Technically, it is a type of EEPROM or electronically erasable programmable read only memory wherein data can be erased or deleted much faster […]

What is BBM?

What is BBM? BBM is the abbreviation of Blackberry Messenger Services. This messenger application is instantaneous. All the modern blackberry devices hit the market with this preloaded application. The credit for its development goes to the Canadian Company RIM, Research in Motion. They released it on October 2010 .It enables messages to be sent through […]

What is HDR on iPhone?

What is HDR on iPhone? HDR or High Dynamic Range is a camera feature available on iOS4.1 for the iPhone.  This is a greatly anticipated feature for iPhone’s built-in cameras.  With this HDR option, iPhone cameras can now produce better quality photos with life-like colors. High Dynamic Range (HDR) involves capturing of images in different […]

What is xD?

What is xD? xD is the abbreviated form for Extreme Digital. xD is mainly used in digital cameras to store digital pictures. It has a storage capacity from 16 Mega Bytes to 2 Giga Bites. The card was introduced in 2002 by Olympus and Fujifilm. There are three types of xD cards available in the […]

What is iPhone DFU?

What is iPhone DFU? DFU mode in iphone means Device Firmware Upgrade. This is not similar to the restore mode. Unlike restore mode, when in DFU mode, iPhone can work with the iTunes without having to load the iPhone operating system. Thus, it bypasses the current OS installed, thereby allowing one to downgrade to legacy […]

What is Android Rooting?

What is Android Rooting? Android Rooting means tweaking or tinkering with your Android phone to have administrator rights or privileges. “Rooting” refers to “root” permissions on your phone similar to the concept of administrator rights in Windows Operating Systems and “sudo” in Linux-based platforms. After a particular Android phone has been “rooted”, applications are said […]

What is XMB?

What is XMB? XrossMediaBar is officially abbreviated as XMB and pronounced as cross-media bar. Sony Computer Entertainment developed this GUI or Graphical User Interface. The main feature of the new GUI is that the icons are horizontally placed across the screen. When a user navigates the screen, the icons move instead of the cursor. The […]

What is Android 2.2?

What is Android 2.2? Android 2.2 is the latest version or update to the Android open platform for use in mobile devices. The Android system came as a result of major industry players working together to have a platform where developers can collaborate on for faster and cheaper development of products in the mobile phone […]

What is Froyo?

What is Froyo? Froyo is actually a short term for frozen yoghurt, which is also used as another term for Android 2.2. Therefore, Froyo is an operating system for Android. Froyo is a major upgrade to the Android OS. Since Froyo was coined from the phrase frozen yoghurt, the symbol used for the OS upgrade […]

What is DFU Mode? – A How to Guide

What is DFU Mode? ‘“ A How to Guide DFU is an acronym used for Device Firmware Upgrade. DFU mode is often mistaken to be the same or similar to restore mode. So what does DFU mode do? DFU mode circumvents the existing Operating System installed. The process allows the device or your iPhone to […]

What is Kindle?

What is Kindle? Kindle is an electronic device from Amazon, developed by Lab126, which can be used to download e-books, online newspaper versions or magazines. It is thin, lightweight and portable, and it uses wireless internet connectivity to purchase and download content for viewing. The main Kindle line has had three versions since it was […]

What is iPhone Jailbreak?

What is iPhone Jailbreak? iPhone jailbreak is the term used for hacking an Apple iPhone in order to free it for use of third party applications. It is essentially freeing the phone up of Apple restrictions in order to be able to install more applications on the phone, applications which have not been authorized by […]

What is iPad 3G?

What is iPad 3G? iPad 3G is a tablet computer which was developed by Apple Inc. iPad 3G is very similar in appearances and features to its predecessor, the iPad, which was in itself considered to be a significant innovation in the computer industry and in technology in general. The main difference between the two […]

What is iPhone Tethering?

What is iPhone Tethering? Tethering is when a mobile phone (traditional or smart phone) is used as a modem for a computer. This is usually done by installing a PC suite on the computer being used, to enable the PC to read the phone and use it for internet connectivity, via a USB cable. Tethering […]