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What is CMX cable?

CMX cables are cables that are intended for communication purposes. The CM label is intended for communication applications while the X label refers to the required enclosure of these cables by something fire-proof like a conduit. Many residential cabling installations use CMX cables that include wirings for data, voice, and video applications. Security systems in […]

What Is LTE Coverage

Introduction:- If you are looking for remarkably higher data speeds on your smart devices as compared to what 3G has been able to provide. 4G LTE is going to be your best bet. Explanation:- It has been a while that the mobile industry has relied on the 3G/UMTS technology in order to provide the data […]

What are location services on iPhone 4S?

Location services on mobile phones such as the iPhone 4S helps approximate the location of the mobile phone user when he/she uses certain applications like the Maps feature for example. Many so-called smartphones like the iPhone 4S are now equipped with a GPS or Global Positioning System that can give location information regarding the user. […]

What is Boingo?

Boingo is a computer and IT services company that offers wireless internet services on a global scale together with its various business partners. Its main office is in the US but its services are offered beyond US borders across different countries around the globe. By subscribing to Boingo’s various wireless service plans, users can basically […]

What is CPE?

CPE stands for Customer-Premises Equipment or Customer-Provided Equipment. This simply refers to any piece of equipment which is on the premises of the subscriber and is linked to the telecommunication channels at the demarc of a particular carrier. The dermarc or the demarcation point refers to the point which is established in an infrastructure, in […]

What is Audacity?

Introduction: Audacity is one of the most popular audio editor as well as recording software that do also happen to be multilingual. Since it is an open source software, it is available in a number of different versions. Anything even slightly related to recording or editing audio files can be formed conveniently using Audacity. The […]

What is TLS?

Introduction: An abbreviation of Transport Layer Security, TLS is a security protocol that makes sure that there exists some privacy between the applications of communication and its users on the internet. The communication process occurs between a server and the client, and when the communication takes place, this protocol ensures that there is no leakage […]

What is Ham Radio?

Ham Radio, also known as Amateur radio is a type of technology that uses designated radio frequency spectra to assist communication. During emergencies when regular phones and internet are down, the Ham Radio works as transmitter. It sends and delivers messages from people while it also works as a service during system down. The term […]

What is Ichat?

Introduction: With the evolution of smart phones in the mobile industry, every app is coming up with some new innovation and exciting feature. As android has its own separate entities of features and applications, Apple is totally a whole new world. With innovation, it always comes up with such applications that are easy to use […]

What is Cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying refers to intimidation that happens through electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets and computers. Cyber bullying is also executed through communication platforms such as social media platforms, websites, online chat rooms, emails and short text messages. Cyber bullying can be in the form of mean messages sent via texts or email, posts on […]

What is IGGY?

Iggy is a global social network that was established to help and guide gifted young people aged 13- 18 to hone their talents and reach their full potential. Iggy is a member of University of Warwick which gives the students access to academic resources and chance to talk, work, and have fun with other gifted […]

What is MySpace?

MySpace is an online social networking site that is most popular with teenagers nowadays. The site was created in late 2003 and gained popularity in 2005. The company is headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA and is a subsidiary of Specific Media. It was known for its feature where you can customize your own profile, upload […]

What is Data Roaming?

Data roaming refers to the connection of your phone to the internet through another provider if you own a smartphone that has access to web browsing and mobile apps. This happens when you are no longer within the area covered by the network of your mobile phone. For instance, when you travel out of the […]

What is WBW?

WBW is another internet slang or urban term which means “white boy wasted”.  This term is a reference to the stereotypical behavior of white kids or teenagers in the US who are either so drunk from too much alcohol or too intoxicated from illegal drugs. Being a WBW or a white boy wasted is considered […]

What is WBU?

In the world of online and mobile communications, various terms are created by people across the globe for practical and various reasons.  One such term is “WBU” which refers to the phrase “what about you?”.  People who are into online chat rooms and texting for example are those that coin new words and terms for […]

What is myvzw.com?

Many people have been wondering about myvzw.com because this particular website always seem to pop out in people’s email and phone messages inbox.  Some have gotten worried about myvzw.com because the message related to it sometimes ask people to either show details or preferences or ignore the prompt.  With these kind of choices, some people […]

What is WCW?

WCW stands for Woman Crush Wednesday and it refers to a popular craze over social media networks like Instagram and Facebook.  Using WCW instead of the whole phrase, female members of social media platforms post it along with pictures of beautiful women that they admire or literally have crushes on.  WCW is often preceded by […]

What is CWDM fiber?

CWDM fiber refers to a type of fiber-optic technology that uses Coarse wavelength-division multiplexing.  Using CWDM fibers has increasingly become popular since its introduction in the 1980s especially among cable networks systems and telecommunications companies.  Through the multiplexing technology, more optical carrier signals can be accommodated using only one optical fiber or the so-called CWDM […]

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a very popular microblogging and social networking site that was made available back in 2007.  Its founder is David Karp and holds its main office in New York City, USA. By 2013, the Tumblr website along with it its rich content of more than 170 million blogs, was acquired by Yahoo! Incorporated. The […]

What is OOMF?

OOMF stands for “one of my friends” or “one of my followers”.  It is a type of internet lingo or slang language that is popular among people who frequently visit or join social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook among many others.  As the actual phrase suggests, OOMF is literally an anonymous reference to a […]

What is LRN in telecom?

In the telecommunications industry, LRN stands for Local Routing Number.  This number refers to a 10-digit numeric code that represents a switch or telephone port that houses several telephone numbers.  The main function of LRN is to allow telephone numbers to be transferred or re-routed to another location, carrier, or service provider without having to […]

What is GSM carrier?

GSM carriers are telecommunications companies that provide mobile phone services through GSM technology. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and it represents a standard in cellular communication as developed by the ETSI or the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. GSM technology is specifically developed for mobile phones that are created with 2G digital mobile […]

What is KPPS?

What is KPPS? KPPS stands for “kilo pulses per second” and it refers to a measure for electrical signals that is typically characterized by its width measurement of 1 second. This particular signal also has the tendency to rise quickly and repeats itself after just one second. “Kilo” represents 1000 pulses that are measured in […]

What is “HMU” on Facebook?

What is ‘HMU’ on Facebook? Facebook is the biggest and most popular social networking site in the world. With its popularity, various urban lingoes and Internet slang have been born along the way.  One such urban lingo is called ‘HMU’ which can be used as a status update or as a filler for comments on […]

What is IFF?

What is IFF? IFF stands for Identification Friend or Foe.  It is a system intended to identify planes and vehicles whether they are literally allies or enemies of a particular state or country.  In the case of an aircraft flying over US airspace for example, this particular aircraft can easily be identified and can also […]

What is CTFU in Texting?

What is CTFU in Texting? In the world of texting, chatting, and blogging, CTFU means “cracking the fuck up” or “crack the fuck up”. Instead of typing the whole meaning, users of this urban term will simply type CTFU. CTFU just means laughing so hard that one may already have difficulty in breathing. Like if […]

What does IDK stand for?

What does IDK stand for? IDK is another urban lingo or internet slang that is frequently used by young people. Most of these people spend lots of time texting using mobile phones, chatting in online chatrooms, and posting blogs or shoutouts on the internet. The term “IDK” is simply short for “I Don’t Know” and […]