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What is CTFU in Texting?

What is CTFU in Texting? In the world of texting, chatting, and blogging, CTFU means “cracking the fuck up” or “crack the fuck up”. Instead of typing the whole meaning, users of this urban term will simply type CTFU. CTFU just means laughing so hard that one may already have difficulty in breathing. Like if [...]

What does IDK stand for?

What does IDK stand for? IDK is another urban lingo or internet slang that is frequently used by young people. Most of these people spend lots of time texting using mobile phones, chatting in online chatrooms, and posting blogs or shoutouts on the internet. The term “IDK” is simply short for “I Don’t Know” and [...]

What is IFF?

What is IFF? IFF stands for Identification Friend or Foe.  It is a system intended to identify planes and vehicles whether they are literally allies or enemies of a particular state or country.  In the case of an aircraft flying over US airspace for example, this particular aircraft can easily be identified and can also [...]

What is “HMU” on Facebook?

What is “HMU” on Facebook? Facebook is the biggest and most popular social networking site in the world. With its popularity, various urban lingoes and Internet slang have been born along the way.  One such urban lingo is called “HMU” which can be used as a status update or as a filler for comments on [...]

What is KPPS?

What is KPPS? KPPS stands for “kilo pulses per second” and it refers to a measure for electrical signals that is typically characterized by its width measurement of 1 second. This particular signal also has the tendency to rise quickly and repeats itself after just one second. “Kilo” represents 1000 pulses that are measured in [...]

What is GSM carrier?

GSM carriers are telecommunications companies that provide mobile phone services through GSM technology. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and it represents a standard in cellular communication as developed by the ETSI or the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. GSM technology is specifically developed for mobile phones that are created with 2G digital mobile [...]

What is LRN in telecom?

In the telecommunications industry, LRN stands for Local Routing Number.  This number refers to a 10-digit numeric code that represents a switch or telephone port that houses several telephone numbers.  The main function of LRN is to allow telephone numbers to be transferred or re-routed to another location, carrier, or service provider without having to [...]

What is OOMF?

OOMF stands for “one of my friends” or “one of my followers”.  It is a type of internet lingo or slang language that is popular among people who frequently visit or join social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook among many others.  As the actual phrase suggests, OOMF is literally an anonymous reference to a [...]

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a very popular microblogging and social networking site that was made available back in 2007.  Its founder is David Karp and holds its main office in New York City, USA. By 2013, the Tumblr website along with it its rich content of more than 170 million blogs, was acquired by Yahoo! Incorporated. The [...]