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What is Ham Radio?

Ham Radio, also known as Amateur radio is a type of technology that uses designated radio frequency spectra to assist communication. During emergencies when regular phones and internet are down, the Ham Radio works as transmitter. It sends and delivers messages from people while it also works as a service during system down. The term [...]

What is Cinemark XD?

Cinemark XD is a term used to refer to Cinemark’s new approach to screening movies. XD is an abbreviation of Extreme Digital. Cinemark XD is a product of Cinemark USA Inc, a group of movie theatres that belongs to Cinemark Holdings, Inc. Cinemark Holdings, Inc operates in the Americas, both North and South, as well [...]

What is Hub?

A hub refers to a central point where devices in the same network are connected. Usually, hubs have several ports and are used to like potions of a local area network. This enables copying of data packets to all connected ports so that segments linked to the network can view the packets. Switches and hubs [...]

What is LightScribe?

LightScribe is an optical disk recording and labelling technology developed by the people of Hewlett-Packard Company. Prior to LightScribe, the task of burning data onto a disk is separate from the task of putting labels on it. The labels may be put onto a disk by way of printing directly or having to use stickers. [...]

What is EOS?

EOS is a term that can commonly be found in various DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras of Canon. The term was first used back in the late 1980s for some of its camera models. Many people got familiar with EOS though starting at around year 2005 when all Canon DSLR cameras have the EOS [...]

What is Ichat?

Introduction: With the evolution of smart phones in the mobile industry, every app is coming up with some new innovation and exciting feature. As android has its own separate entities of features and applications, Apple is totally a whole new world. With innovation, it always comes up with such applications that are easy to use [...]

What is Cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying refers to intimidation that happens through electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets and computers. Cyber bullying is also executed through communication platforms such as social media platforms, websites, online chat rooms, emails and short text messages. Cyber bullying can be in the form of mean messages sent via texts or email, posts on [...]

What is Mica?

Mica refers to a transparent clear mineral that has high levels of dielectric strength. Mica can endure a continuous temperature of about 550°C; its melting point is estimated to be 1250°C. Mica has the capacity to endure all agents including acids, chemicals, oils, gasses and alkalis. The mineral derives its name for a Latin term, [...]

What is IT?

IT is an acronym for Information Technology. Information technology refers to stuff related to computer technology that includes software, hardware, networking, internet and persons that interact with technological devices. It is an engineering branch that specializes in computer and telecommunication technologies to translate, transmit and store varied forms of information. Most organizations have IT sections [...]

What is cozi?

Cozi is a mobile phone application that allows any family organizer that is owned and developed by Android. It is a free mobile application that is also available for iPhone users, also for free. For Android phones, Cozi can run on phones that run on Android 2.1 and above. It can be downloaded from various [...]

What is Magic Lantern?

Magic Lantern refers to a firmware add-on which was created by Trammell Hudson in 2009. This was originally made for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and in July 2010, was ported to the 550D/T2i/Kiss X4 by the same person. Today, there are different versions of Magic Lantern for Canon DSLRs and the developer of [...]

What is luminosity?

Luminosity measures brightness. It is a term that is used in the context of astronomy and photometry. Astronomy and luminosity In astronomy, luminosity is often used to measure the brightness of a star as well as other astronomical objects in the galaxy. It measures the amount of electromagnetic energy that a certain body radiates in [...]

What is informatics?

Informatics deals with the engineered systems of processing, representation and communication of information. Informatics is the study of the application information technology to any field while taking into consideration the impact and effects of information technology to the society and its parts. Informatics explained Informatics delves into the structural and behavioral aspects of both natural [...]

What is IGGY?

Iggy is a global social network that was established to help and guide gifted young people aged 13- 18 to hone their talents and reach their full potential. Iggy is a member of University of Warwick which gives the students access to academic resources and chance to talk, work, and have fun with other gifted [...]

What is MySpace?

MySpace is an online social networking site that is most popular with teenagers nowadays. The site was created in late 2003 and gained popularity in 2005. The company is headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA and is a subsidiary of Specific Media. It was known for its feature where you can customize your own profile, upload [...]

What does BMS stand for?

BMS stands for Building Management System and it refers to a computerized way of controlling and/or managing various electrical and mechanical components of a certain building. This kind of system involves both software and hardware components that are managed efficiently through a centralized approach. Many large buildings and offices have various electrical and mechanical components [...]

What is Data Roaming?

Data roaming refers to the connection of your phone to the internet through another provider if you own a smartphone that has access to web browsing and mobile apps. This happens when you are no longer within the area covered by the network of your mobile phone. For instance, when you travel out of the [...]

What is LFO?

LFO may stand for low-frequency oscillation or low-frequency oscillator. Low-frequency oscillation refers to electronic audio signals that are below 20 Hz. These signals do not create an audible tone, but instead generate a pulsating rhythm. The rhythmic pulses that are created are used for the modulation of various audio equipment, such as delay lines and [...]

What is AVCHD?

AVCHD, which stands for Advanced Video Codec High Definition, refers to a high definition video format for camcorders. The AVCHD format is owned by Sony and Panasonic and is not publicly available. Some examples of manufacturers which use AVCHD for their video cameras include, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and JVC. This type of format makes use [...]

What is WBW?

WBW is another internet slang or urban term which means “white boy wasted”.  This term is a reference to the stereotypical behavior of white kids or teenagers in the US who are either so drunk from too much alcohol or too intoxicated from illegal drugs. Being a WBW or a white boy wasted is considered [...]

What is Vampirestat?

Vampirestat refers to a spam site that regularly visits various blog sites and increase supposed traffic data to these sites.  For some people who get tricked by Vampirestat, they would often click the link provided by the site back to its own site and therefore increasing traffic to its own page. What annoys many people [...]

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a computing tool that features a single board that can do micro-controlling functions beyond the standard desktop computer.  It has become very popular among many programming experts and novices because of its open-source micro-controller platform.  The hardware in Arduino is very simple along with the simplified code editor making it very easy to [...]

What is Area 51?

Area 51 refers to a military air base located in Nevada, USA.  The base’s official name is the Nevada Test and Training Range and Groom Lake based on CIA documents.  What people know about Area 51 is very limited because of the strict secrecy of the activities that are done inside the base.  Most people [...]

What is WBU?

In the world of online and mobile communications, various terms are created by people across the globe for practical and various reasons.  One such term is “WBU” which refers to the phrase “what about you?”.  People who are into online chat rooms and texting for example are those that coin new words and terms for [...]

What is airplane mode?

Airplane mode refers to a setting in mobile phones and devices that blocks the network or cellular signals so users are unable to make voice calls or send and receive SMS or text messages.  By setting a cellular phone to airplane mode, the cellular or network signal will be lost but users will still be [...]

What is AirPlay?

AirPlay is a media-streaming feature offered in various Apple products and other compatible devices.  Through AirPlay, music files, photos, and videos may be wirelessly streamed to other compatible devices. The best thing about AirPlay is that it does not need an internet connection to be able to stream media to other AirPlay-capable devices.  As long [...]

What is aartemis?

Aartemis refers to a virus that commonly affects the browsing experience of infected computers.  Many people refer to aartemis as a browser-hijacker because it automatically loads its own webpage when the browser is launched.  Even if the supposed default webpage is already configured, computers that are infected with the aartemis virus will not be able [...]

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology refers to a broad technology based on the use of objects that are measured in nanometers.  These objects are so tiny and small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye.  This type of technology is used by various industries including medicine, manufacturing and aerospace among many others.  The basic concept involves the [...]

What is myvzw.com?

Many people have been wondering about myvzw.com because this particular website always seem to pop out in people’s email and phone messages inbox.  Some have gotten worried about myvzw.com because the message related to it sometimes ask people to either show details or preferences or ignore the prompt.  With these kind of choices, some people [...]

What is GMJ?

GMJ stands for “gilded metal jacket” and refers to the metal cover or casing for bullets.  Standard bullets typically have softer cores that are made of lead. When a metal casing is used to protect the softer core, the bullets are said to increase their muzzle velocity.  In the case of GMJ, the metal casing [...]

What is WCW?

WCW stands for Woman Crush Wednesday and it refers to a popular craze over social media networks like Instagram and Facebook.  Using WCW instead of the whole phrase, female members of social media platforms post it along with pictures of beautiful women that they admire or literally have crushes on.  WCW is often preceded by [...]

What is CWDM fiber?

CWDM fiber refers to a type of fiber-optic technology that uses Coarse wavelength-division multiplexing.  Using CWDM fibers has increasingly become popular since its introduction in the 1980s especially among cable networks systems and telecommunications companies.  Through the multiplexing technology, more optical carrier signals can be accommodated using only one optical fiber or the so-called CWDM [...]

What is ALPR?

ALPR stands for Automatic License Plate Recognition and it refers to a camera and optical imaging technology wherein vehicle license plates can easily be recognized whether they are stationary or moving.  Using cameras that are mounted on fixed points such as lamp posts or street signs, the license or number plates of vehicles nearby may [...]

What is Wii U?

Wii U refers to the latest generation of game console from Nintendo.  Released in late 2012, Wii U is considered the first brand of game consoles that is able to handle and feature HD or high-definition graphics.  Gaming console enthusiasts have lauded this new product from Nintendo because of its new features including the all-new [...]

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a popular website for people who wish to share photos online and share comments and stories with other people.  Members of Pinterest are able to “pin” or post different images and even videos of everything from personal pictures to food recipes and even travel tips.  The main feature of Pinterest is that it [...]

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a very popular microblogging and social networking site that was made available back in 2007.  Its founder is David Karp and holds its main office in New York City, USA. By 2013, the Tumblr website along with it its rich content of more than 170 million blogs, was acquired by Yahoo! Incorporated. The [...]

What is OOMF?

OOMF stands for “one of my friends” or “one of my followers”.  It is a type of internet lingo or slang language that is popular among people who frequently visit or join social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook among many others.  As the actual phrase suggests, OOMF is literally an anonymous reference to a [...]

What is Roku?

Roku is an American brand of consumer electronics that was founded back in 2002. Its headquarters is located in the state of California and their products are mostly digital media players. The Roku brand has become very popular with its line of music and media players that can be interfaced online or within a network. [...]

What is retina display?

Retina display refers to the image pixel density of various Apple products. Many of Apple’s devices have been marketed to have retina displays in which the screens have a pixel density of more than 300 pixels per inch. In terms of pixel density, the human eye is said to be able to detect up to [...]

What is Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining refers to the computerized solving of math or computer-related problems for the purpose of improving the security in terms of Bitcoin transactions. Using special computers and powerful software, bitcoin mining is also done by many people for the purpose of earning Bitcoins themselves. Bitcoin refer to a form of virtual currency that can [...]

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass refers to the wearable and computerized eyeglasses developed by Google through their Project Glass initiative. Google Glass allows access to online information similar to that of smart phones only this time the information is given through the wearable eyewear.  Its main feature is its hands-free and voice command feature to make the eyewear [...]

What is a smart TV?

Smart TVs are basically modern television sets that have computer-like or computer-based functions.  There is no real definition on what smart TVs should have in terms of features but most TVs today that are marketed as smart television sets have functionalities and features similar to computers.  Standard television sets basically allow the viewing of several [...]

What is MTK platform?

MTK platform refers to the mobile chipset or platform developed by MediaTek Inc. of Taiwan. Originally famous for being a fabless semiconductor-based company, MediaTek has increasingly become popular in the wireless phone industry with its so-called MTK platform. This mobile platform basically works more like a true personal computer because it is able to integrate [...]

What is AYC fluid?

AYC stands for Active Yaw Control, a feature in engines that provide an active-type of differential as the engine torque is transferred between the wheels. With this feature, automobiles are said to increase their grip on the road. In order to keep this feature in order, a special fluid is needed by cars with AYC. [...]

What is Hybrid Crossfire?

Hybrid Crossfire is an image processing technology developed by AMD or Advanced Micro Devices. Through this particular technology, 3D image rendering is greatly improved and enhanced with the help of the so-called crossfire or integration of the computer’s Integrated Graphics Processor and its corresponding Graphics Processing Unit. The Hybrid Crossfire technology basically allows the integration [...]

What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid car is one equipped with two systems to run the engine. In a typical setup, hybrid cars have both gasoline and electric engine systems. The gasoline engine system is similar to standard cars and is usually the main source or propulsion power for the car. The electrical component meanwhile is typically provided through [...]

What is LZW compressoni?

LZW compression refers to a data compression tool named after its three developers namely A. Lempel, J. Ziv, and Terry Welch.  LZW compression is commonly used for general purposes because of its ease of use and versatile functions.  Compression techniques or tools like LZW may be used when users want to decrease the size of [...]

What is DMeX system?

DMeX system is Sony’s new system or technology that enables their Bravia line of television sets to interface or link with other forms of digital media through its external USB port located at the back of these sets. DM stands for digital media and the “eX” pertains to the external module or link support for [...]

What is LRN in telecom?

In the telecommunications industry, LRN stands for Local Routing Number.  This number refers to a 10-digit numeric code that represents a switch or telephone port that houses several telephone numbers.  The main function of LRN is to allow telephone numbers to be transferred or re-routed to another location, carrier, or service provider without having to [...]

What is an LTI system?

LTI systems refer to systems that are based on the Linear Time-Invariant theory.  Systems that are tagged as LTI are mathematically rare or very difficult to accomplish. As its name suggests, Linearity is one of the properties of LTI systems.  For linear systems, the excitation signals given must also produce the same type of output. [...]

What is leq?

Leq refers to the value given to the level of sound that varies over a period of time. In essence, leq represents the average sound level that is recorded for a specific time period. The level of sound is expected to fluctuate at a particular place or space and it can only be measured by [...]

What is MLU photography?

In the field of photography, MLU stands for “mirror lock-up” and it is a common feature for some types of cameras particularly those that are equipped with single lens reflex. This feature is used to help reduce the vibration in the camera sensor as it captures a certain picture. During normal capture of an image, [...]

What is dactylography?

Dactylography refers to the study of fingerprints for the purpose of identifying one person from another.  Based on science, a person’s fingerprint is said to be unique.  No one fingerprint matches another and this makes them very useful in terms of identification. Dactylography or fingerprint study is just one of many areas in the field [...]

What is IDU in telecom?

IDU stands for “indoor unit” and in the telecommunications industry, it refers to the device that is connected to the computer router or television to accept the signal from a satellite for example. The signal may be for satellite television or part of an internet service provided by a telecommunications company, internet service provider, or [...]

What is GSM carrier?

GSM carriers are telecommunications companies that provide mobile phone services through GSM technology. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and it represents a standard in cellular communication as developed by the ETSI or the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. GSM technology is specifically developed for mobile phones that are created with 2G digital mobile [...]

What does HDTV ready mean?

HDTV refers to television sets that are created with HD or High Definition technology. TV screens that are classified as HD have a range of 720 up to 1080 pixels per frame resolution. Lower resolution figures may mean that the television set is either standard or enhanced. Aside from the improved clarity or screen resolution [...]

What is HSM photography?

What is HSM photography? HSM photography refers to photography that is done using lenses equipped with HSM technology. HSM stands for Hyper Sonic Motor and with lenses equipped with this new technology, taking advantage of the autofocus function is made quick and very easy. Professional photographers are expected to appreciate the speed of HSM-equipped lenses [...]

What is KPPS?

What is KPPS? KPPS stands for “kilo pulses per second” and it refers to a measure for electrical signals that is typically characterized by its width measurement of 1 second. This particular signal also has the tendency to rise quickly and repeats itself after just one second. “Kilo” represents 1000 pulses that are measured in [...]

What is GDE for Android?

GDE refers to a homescreen replacement software or app for devices that run on the Android platform or operating system. Android is a freeware specially designed for mobile devices like cellular phones and computer tablets. Developed by various developers under the support of Google, Android has become the most widely-used operating system in today’s mobile [...]

What is MDDI?

MDDI stands for Mobile Display Digital Interface. It is an interface standard developed by Qualcomm to ensure fast transfer of data in clamshell-type mobile phones. The basic purpose of the MDDI standard is to create a fast gateway between the upper and lower parts of the common clamshell or flip type phone. With the MDDI [...]

What is CSS TV?

CSS TV refers to Cascading Tile Sheets that are configured to fit the profile for television. Cascading Tile Sheets is mainly involved in developing web pages in terms of appearance or presentation.  Through CSS, all design elements of a webpage or the whole website may be adjusted and edited without harming the content.  Before CSS [...]

What is CPRI?

CPRI stands for Common Public Radio Interface and it refers to a public standard concerning the interaction between standard REC and radio equipment control and wireless or remote RE or radio equipment.  This standard is aimed defining the public specifications of radio interfaces in order that different radio equipments from different manufacturers and vendors can [...]

What is CPM scheduling?

“CPM,” or “critical path method,” is a type of scheduling framework or formula that can be applied for the various activities involved in project management.  In any given project, for example, CPM scheduling will benefit in terms of providing the sequence for all activities and reasons that connect all details of a given project.  Through [...]

What is hopsack?

Hopsack refers to a fabric that is loosely woven.  The technique involved in weaving hopsack fabric results in a coarse texture.  With this kind of texture, hopsack fabric is considered to having a rough surface and finish.  Hopsack fabric is commonly used in the manufacture of various items including clothing, bags, curtains, furniture covers and [...]

What is DLNA on Droid X?

Droid X is one many mobile phones from the Motorola brand.  It features a big screen that measures 4.3 inches and is able to display high-resolution images and high-definition videos.  It is also packed with hardware that is designed for a great multimedia experience.  Droid X is marketed towards people who want a slim design [...]

What is a JWT Pop Charger?

What is a JWT Pop Charger? A JWT Pop Charger refers to a short ram aftermarket air intake system produced by JWT or Jim Wolf Technology.  These particular air intake systems are called Pop Chargers because they basically boost the performance of cars that run on internal combustion engines.  JWT, or Jim Wolf Technology, is [...]

What is “HMU” on Facebook?

What is “HMU” on Facebook? Facebook is the biggest and most popular social networking site in the world. With its popularity, various urban lingoes and Internet slang have been born along the way.  One such urban lingo is called “HMU” which can be used as a status update or as a filler for comments on [...]

What is a DSG gearbox?

DSG gearboxes refer to direct-shift gearboxes that have a dual-clutch transmission system without the standard clutch pedal.  A DSG gearbox can also be operated as a fully automatic clutch system or semi-manual gearbox.  DSG gearboxes can be found in so-called automatic cars, and it allows for easier gear shifting when compared to other transmission systems. [...]

What is IFF?

What is IFF? IFF stands for Identification Friend or Foe.  It is a system intended to identify planes and vehicles whether they are literally allies or enemies of a particular state or country.  In the case of an aircraft flying over US airspace for example, this particular aircraft can easily be identified and can also [...]

What is LCD TV?

What is LCD TV? LCD stands for Liquid-crystal display and it refers to a display technology involving television sets.  LCD TVs are associated with display screens that are flat rather than “curved”.  Curved displays are features of older television technology called CRT’s or cathode-ray tubes.  CRT-based television sets are obviously bulkier and heavier owing to [...]