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What is Ghana?

What is Ghana? Ghana is a country located in the Western part of Africa. Its official name is the “Republic of Ghana” and has a total population of 24 million people. To the west of Ghana is Ivory Coast and Togo is on its east. To the north, Ghana is bordered by Burkina Faso and [...]

What is Jakarta?

What is Jakarta? Jakarta is the seat of government and largest city of Indonesia, a country that is part of the South East Asian Region. It is situated in the island of Java with an area of almost 700 square kilometers. Its population is almost 10 million people making it Indonesia’s biggest and the world’s [...]

What is the Bay of Pigs?

What is the Bay of Pigs? The Bay of Pigs refers to the bay entrance or inlet in the southern part of Cuba. This bay is part of the Gulf of Cazones which is located south of the Cienfuegos and Matanzas provinces in Cuba’s southern coast. From the city of Havana, the Bay of Pigs [...]

What is Italy like?

What is Italy like? Italy is a country located in the southern and central part of Europe. Much of the land area on the south of this country lies on a peninsula extending to the Mediterranean Sea. The northern region is bordered by France, Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia. It is also composed of islands with [...]

What is UAE?

What is UAE? UAE or the United Arab Emirates is also known in its shortened form as The Emirates. It is an Arabic federation located in the southeastern region of the Arabian Peninsula. The strategic location of the country is in the Southwest Asia bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia on the Persian Gulf. It also [...]

What is an OECD Country?

What is an OECD Country? An OECD country refers to a member country of the OECD or Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Member countries all have democratic forms of government and all have highly developed or emerging economies. Some member countries include the US, the UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Spain, Japan, and Mexico [...]

What is EST?

The earth is divided by a number of latitudes and longitudes. Longitudes divide the earth into different time zones. Time zones refer to different places on earth where a uniform time is observed for convenience purpose. Time zones are set up for commercial, social, and legal purposes too. The boundaries of the time zones are [...]

What is Los Angeles known for?

Los Angeles is the biggest city in the state of California and one of the biggest in the US and around the world. This city is known for most of the world as one of the US’ entertainment capital. Hollywood is arguably the district that defines Los Angeles as an entertainment center not only the [...]

What is absolute location?

Absolute location refers to the actual location of a particular place expressed in terms of latitude and longitude.  Latitude is the measured with the Equator as the basis and is expressed in terms of degrees to the north or south of the equatorial line.  Longitude meanwhile is also expressed in degrees to the west or [...]

What is Aquarius?

In the field of astrology, Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac.  Named after the constellation of the same name, Aquarius represents the 11th part in terms of the Sun’s position in a celestial pattern over a one year period.  These parts are also referred to as signs with Aquarius representing the 11th sign. [...]