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What is CDT?

INTRODUCTION: CDT stands for central daylight timing. According to CDT, it is required by the people of certain areas to move their clocks ahead one hour on 2nd November of each year and roll it back again on the second Sunday of the month of March. The reason that the law of CDT is being […]

What is doping?

Doping is when an athlete makes use of banned substances to aid his or her training, as well as their performance during competitions. In most cases, steroids are the substances that people have in mind when referring to doping of athletes. There are however other forbidden substances like hormones; diuretics, marijuana, narcotics and stimulants are […]

What is ISO 9000?

ISO 9000 is a set of quality management standards created by ISO or the International Organization for Standardization. ISO is an international standard authority composed of representatives from different standardization bodies. The ISO 9000 specifically has designed standards for manufacturing firms’ processes or their production of goods. There are different standards under the ISO 9000 […]

What is LDW insurance?

LDW stands for “loss damage waiver”, and it is some kind of vehicle insurance that is applicable to rented cars. In a typical Loss Damage Waiver, the car rental company basically assumes the liability or so-called insurance damages when the renter is involved in an accident using the rented vehicle. Through this insurance-like waiver, the […]

What is BTA?

BTA or basic travel allowance is some kind of a fee required from a person who wishes to travel to another country.  Some people refer to is as basic travellers’ fee or traveller’s allowance fee.  The term ‘BTA’ has become a buzzword in many countries around the world because many would-be travellers are said to […]

What is IECC?

IECC stands for the International Energy Conservation Code. This code pertains to a building code that covers various states and municipalities in the US.  This building code was created back in 2000 by the International Code Council to basically promote using technologies and materials that help preserve the environment and make use of energy resources […]

What is an EAD number?

‘EAD’ stands for ‘Employment Authorization Document,’ and ‘EAD numbers’ simply refers to the issued number for this particular document.  This document is actually given as a plastic card similar to debit and credit cards, and it contains the EAD number.  Any person that is a foreigner or not a resident of the U.S. needs to […]

What is KWYS?

What is KWYS? KWYS is the airport code for Yellowstone Airport located in Montana, USA.  Under the ICAO or International Civil Aviation Organization, each airport in the world is given some type of location indicator.  In the case of Yellowstone Airport, the code given is KWYS. ICAO codes like KWYS is unique and has a […]

What is LXI VXI ratings for cars?

What is LXI VXI ratings for cars? ‘LXI’ and ‘VXI’ are names or ratings given to cars with different trims or models.  A certain car may have only one brand name, but it may be offered in different trims, models, or variants.  One common way of classifying or rating the car trim or model is […]

What is TDW?

What is TDW? TDW stands for “total diamond weight” and it represents the total weight or total carat of two or more diamond stones on a particular piece of jewelry. These jewelries may be in the form of rings, bracelets, tiaras, necklaces, crowns, or pins. When two or more diamond pieces are involved, then jewelers […]

What is UTC?

What is UTC? UTC literally stands for “Universal Time Coordinated”. It is more commonly known as “Coordinated Universal Time” and is based on the time at the zero or Greenwich meridian. The use of UTC as a standard time used by the world is derived from the International Atomic Time, which involves a time-tracking system […]

What Is NVQ Level 3?

What Is NVQ Level 3? NVQ Level 3 stands for National Vocational Qualification Level 3. This NVQ is actually made up of 5 different levels. Each of these levels has corresponding criteria and description. Basically, NVQ describes one’s level of competency in the chosen career. This NVQ is considered an award based in countries including […]

What is GBP?

What is GBP? GBP is the ISO code for the British pound or pound sterling. Many people call it simply as “pound”. But some people prefer to call it as “pound sterling” or just “sterling” to avoid confusing the word with the unit of weight measurement which is also “pound”. GBP or pound sterling is […]

What is Recyclable?

What is Recyclable? A recyclable is basically a thing or material that can be used again for the same purpose it was made for or for other purposes that it can serve. The process of re-using materials is called “recycling” and people do it for a variety of reasons. Some people recycle materials to prevent […]

What is SPST?

What is SPST? SPST is also known as Senior Public Safety Telecommunicator. The job description for this type of work is to supervise a shift at a respective communication center. This is to ensure that all incoming emergency or non-emergency and not so urgent calls are immediately and properly catered for. Whatever calls are received […]

What is NMFC?

What is NMFC? NMFC is a term used for National Motor Freight Classification. It is a standard which applies to provide certain comparisons of different commodities which are being transferred to inter and intra state or foreign commerce. The concept of this standard is quite similar to those used for grouping and grading certain systems […]

What is PLR?

What is PLR? PLR stands for Private Label Rights and refer to some sort of license involving content or intellectual property. It is termed as “PLR” when the author sells his/her rights on a particular content for other people to use or re-use. It’s basically the selling of pre-made or pre-written content. This content may […]

What is NVQ?

What is NVQ? NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualifications. These refer to awards or qualifications for employees in the UK who demonstrate certain skills and knowledge needed for a particular function or job and at varying levels. These awards and/or qualifications are said to be based on competence, meaning each employee shall demonstrate tasks that […]

What is JDF?

What is JDF? JDF stands for Job Definition Format and it is graphic arts industry standard created to allow easy exchange of information between varying graphic systems and applications. This standard also integrates various applications on the planning and commercial side into the tech workflow. JDF is one of many industry standards based on XML […]

What is EDT?

What is EDT? EDT stands for Eastern Daylight Time. It refers to the time zone which is 4 hours behind UTC or Coordinated Universal Time. This time zone applies to the eastern parts or states of North American countries, particularly the United States and Canada. In some records, EDT is referred to as the Eastern […]

What is GMT to EST?

What is GMT to EST? Living in U.S can be comfortable. Sleeping in the comfort your home, with nice soft pillow, quiet neighbors, and a couple of romance with your partner (that is, if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend). It feels good, right? You can dream the best dream that you can imagine. But the only […]

What is GMT?

What is GMT? GMT is the abbreviated form of Greenwich Mean Time. It is also known under the name Greenwich Meridian time. The name owes it origin to the place Greenwich in London. The Greenwich Meridian Time is measured from the Royal Observatory in London. The longitude from GMT is assumed to be zero. It […]

What is an IATA number?

What is an IATA number? An IATA number is a number or code given by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to member airlines and travel agencies. IATA is a global organization representing about 230 airlines and is also involved with accreditation of travel professionals and freight forwarders. Each IATA number is unique to your […]