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What is Luge?

Luge is an Olympic sport where players race downwards in a high-banked track that is icy. It is a dangerous sport since players usually go on a speed of 140 kilometers per hour or 90 miles per hour. Luge is a French term that means “sled’. It was in 1948 when Luge became an official […]

What is Icing?

Icing refers to a rule used in hockey. This rule is formulated for purposes of preventing a hockey team from throwing the puck deep into the zone of its opponent. A throw into the deep zone of an opponent is commonly referred to as dumping a puck. Teams use this strategy to enable them evade […]

What is doping?

Doping is when an athlete makes use of banned substances to aid his or her training, as well as their performance during competitions. In most cases, steroids are the substances that people have in mind when referring to doping of athletes. There are however other forbidden substances like hormones; diuretics, marijuana, narcotics and stimulants are […]

What is Cyclocross?

Cyclocross refers to a type of bike racing, which is popular across Europe. The most competitive racers come from France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, and the Netherlands. Aside from European countries, this sport has also gained its popularity in Australia and US. Just like in triathlon, cyclocross involves riding and running, but emphasizes more on […]

What is hockey?

Introduction: The sport hockey is rumored to have been started in ancient times dating around 1000 BC where Ethiopians are believed to have played a crude form of the game. In more recent times before the new world came into order, Aztecs and Greeks played a much more reformed form of the sport. The current […]

What is Crimson Tide?

Crimson Tide is the phrase invented to define the dazzling defense put up by University of Alabama’s football team against Auburn in a football match played in 1907. The phrase, coined by Hugh Robert, a reporter for ‘Birmingham Age-Herald’ stuck and till today, University of Alabama football team’s nickname. Before being referred to as the […]

What is Kegel?

Introduction: Kegel is a type of exercise that is specifically used to make your pelvic muscles strong. Doctors suggest this exercise to the pregnant women especially, in order to have some prior experience of physiological stress of later stages of pregnancy and child birth. Kegel exercise is both for men and women but with different […]

What is Aesthetic Bodybuilding?

Introduction: Aesthetic bodies can be easy to build and maintain if you know how. There are couples of steps that a person must perform in order to stay fit and in the top of his game. A well maintained diet comprising mostly of protein from meat is essential to repair any damaged cells and muscles. […]

What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day refers to a holiday celebrated by the UK and other Commonwealth countries on the day after Christmas Day. On this particular day, people give out Christmas boxes to friends, family, and those who have less in life or those who are in need. For many people, Boxing Day is an extension of Christmas […]

What is CTH in NBA Jam?

NBA Jam is one of many very popular sports-based video games developed by game developer EA sports.  What started out as an arcade-based video game, NBA Jam has become so popular that it has special versions for a variety of platforms including the likes of Sega, Game Boy, Nintendo, and GameGear.  The latest versions are […]

What is FK accuracy?

In the very popular game of football, free kicks are some of the most anticipated moments in any game as they could result in the most dramatic goals.  Free kicks are typically awarded to a team following a foul committed by the opposing team.  When a direct free kick is awarded, a designated player is […]

What is FAAB Fantasy Football?

What is FAAB Fantasy Football? FAAB stands for Free Agent Acquisition Bid and it refers to some kind of salary cap when acquiring players and free agents in a so-called fantasy football team. A fantasy football team literally represents what it name suggests. It is a virtual team that can be composed of various players […]

What is Ivy League?

What is Ivy League? Ivy League refers to a sports league that was formed back in 1954 and composed of 8 different teams representing prestigious colleges and universities in the North-eastern part of the US. An athletics meet was organized back in 1954 and this meet was referred to as the Ivy League. Schools who […]

What are CIF sports?

CIF sports refer to sporting activities and events being organized by the CIF or the California Interscholastic Federation.  The CIF governs all sporting activities at the high school level in the state of California.  Whenever there are sporting activities in this state, it is usually the CIF that heads these activities.  With sporting activities associated […]

What is prancercise?

Prancercise is a type of exercise that is supposedly based on the way horses walk.  It is also referred to as horse-prancing type of exercise because of its rhythmic and often hilarious steps.  For the most part, prancercise involves bouncing steps in a rhythmic pattern.  This particular exercise was said to be created back in […]

What is “DLF” in cricket?

What is ‘DLF’ in cricket? ‘DLF’ or ‘DLF Limited’ refers to the company named Delhi Land & Finance.  Many cricket fans in India and other parts of the world often ask about it because ‘DLF’ is frequently seen and posted alongside the name of the Indian Premier League.  In most instances the entire cricket league […]

What is IKO?

What is IKO? IKO stands for International Kiteboarding Organization and it represents the biggest such group or cooperation among kiteboarders and kiteboard instructors across the globe. The basic goal of this organization is to promote kiteboarding as a great and fun extreme sport and to improve the standards associated with performing and/or teaching the sport. […]

What is WRC?

What is WRC? The WRC or World Rally Championship is a series of rally racing sanctioned and organized by the International Federation of Automobiles (FIA in French). When we speak of rally racing or rallying, it simply means that it involves racing between modified vehicles on common public and private roads. In contrast, the other […]

What is Jiu Jitsu?

What is Jiu Jitsu? Jiu Jitsu is a type of martial art and self-defense technique that originated in Brazil but with Japanese influence. This martial art or sport is said to have evolved from other self-defense techniques and involves grappling and ground-fighting. Kodokan judo was the Japanese martial art that influenced much of Jiu Jitsu […]

What is BMX?

What is BMX? BMX refers to the sport of “bicycle motocross”. This particular sport involves riding on obstacle courses, stunt riding, and a lot of freestyling and biking techniques. Some people also use the term “BMX” to the bike itself, which are specifically designed and manufactured to handle the varying demands of this adventure sport. […]

What is Bullfighting?

What is Bullfighting? Bullfighting is Spain’s national sport. It dates back to 711 A.D. when the Spaniards were first amazed with this type of sport or spectacle. This sport basically involves the killing of bulls by bullfighters or matadors using swords. The matadors are also called toreros in Spain and the venue for this sport […]

What is Kenpo?

What is Kenpo? Kenpo is a Japanese type of martial arts but with Chinese origins. “Kenpo”, or sometimes “kempo”, came about as a Japanese way of pronouncing “chuan fa”, a Chinese character. Because of its Japanese and Chinese influence, the techniques involved in Kenpo are a mixture of the two cultures. Kenpo’s literal meaning is […]

What is Usain Bolt’s 40-yard Dash Time?

What is Usain Bolt’s 40-yard Dash Time? People have been talking about the world’s fastest sprinter Usain Bolt in terms of his speed on a “40-YARD” track. Actually it’s the football fanatics that keep on asking on how fast Usain Bolt would cover 40 yards. 40 yards is some form of a special gauge in […]

What is Scuba Diving?

What is Scuba Diving? Scuba diving is a type of diving underwater with the help of a “scuba” set. A “scuba” set basically involves an oxygen tank, breathing tubes, and facemasks to help divers breathe underwater. The word “scuba” is actually an acronym for “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus”. Scuba also refers to the breathing gear […]

What is IOC?

What is IOC? Sport has always been an important part of human life in every part of the world. Sports have been a social part of humanity and are one of the ways through which the history and development of man can be traced. As man became more advanced so did the sports that he […]

What is Football?

What is Football? Football is arguably the world’s most popular and favorite sport. This particular sport is played by two teams with eleven members each. These players play in an area called a “football pitch” with the team’s net or goal on the opposite sides. Ten of the players run around to pass and kick […]

What is Baseball: From History to the Basics

Getting To Know Baseball: From History to the Basics We can always see this sport on TV’s, taught in schools, we even take our girlfriends to a date just only to watch this sport (although they doesn’t seem to be interested). Some names were even built by this sport like Albert Pujols, Nolan Ryan, Ozzie […]

What is Kayaking?

What is Kayaking? Kayaking is a type of boating activity using “kayaks” that are maneuvered manually using paddles with double blades. It may be done as a recreational activity or as a competitive sport. Kayaking may be done on either salt or freshwater. Kayaks may vary in size and shape depending on the expected water […]

What is Kung Fu?

What is Kung Fu? Kung Fu refers to various ancient forms of martial arts which are said to originate from China. Kung Fu was first practiced by soldiers as protection from combat. Though many historians believe that the practice of Kung Fu did not start in ancient Shaolin temples, they still acknowledge that it became […]

What is Muay Thai?

What is Muay Thai? Muay Thai is also known as the popular Thai boxing. This ancient martial art is known to use stand-up striking. The martial art also uses techniques in clinch. Muay Thai is also the national sport in Thailand. The martial art is often compared to the kickboxing styles of the Indochinese, Cambodia’s […]

What is Bowling?

What is Bowling? Bowling is a sport which has been played from ancient times. The game of bowling was first played in Germany using a bowling ball. As all other games the sport of bowling has also changed over the years. It is usually played on wooden or synthetic surfaces. Among players the popular form […]

What is MNF?

What is MNF? MNF refers to Monday Night Football, a live TV show by the National Football League shown every Monday night since 1970. To date, it is the longest-running primetime sports show on TV and has been a top rating show ever since it started. Monday Night Football first aired in September 21, 1970 […]

What is Martial Arts?

What is Martial Arts? Martial arts usually refer to any type of fighting technique. Literally, it means arts of war or fighting arts. The term also refers to all training systems for combat. There are many forms, types or systems of martial arts. However, all of these martial arts systems have one purpose, which is […]

What is Homecoming?

What is Homecoming? Traditionally, institutions welcome back former member, residents or alumni. This tradition is also known as the homecoming. Family members long gone and welcomed back are also a form of homecoming. It is a common tradition to many universities and colleges, and the same goes for high schools. Homecoming sponsored by universities, colleges […]

What is Seattle Mist?

What is Seattle Mist? The Seattle Mist is a football team playing for the Lingerie Football League. The team was part of the League’s expansion effort, in order for it to qualify to become a full-fledged football league. Created in 2009, Lingerie Football league or LFL is a 7-7 tackle played the American football way. […]